9 January 2017

Free Grants For Low Income Unemployed Individuals 2017

Unemployed people are usually financially crunched, especially those with low savings and a family to support. Meeting the daily expenses and paying for the basic needs of life also seems impossible with limited money. Well, there are benefit programs, donation programs, and grants for low-income unemployed people that help in offsetting the expenses and support distressed families.
Every household has certain specific monthly needs that cannot be overlooked even if they consume a major chunk of the expenses. Low income unemployed people have low savings hence paying off exorbitant monthly bills is a big challenge for them. Well, a through online research can offer discount offers, free products, subsidized goods and of course federal grants and benefit programs from state governments. A few benefit programs are listed for you:
grants for low income people
Internet Bills: Access by AT&T, Internet Essentials by Comcast, CenturyLink Internet Basics, Cox Internet, Mediacom Internet
Water Bills: The American Water Corporate, Low Income Payment Program and H2O Help to Others Program
Grants For Utility Bills: LIHEAP Crisis Program, LIHEAP Grant, The Weatherization Assistance Program and HEAP. Grants from utility companies
Telephone Bills: Linkup, Lifeline, and nonprofits like Secure the Call, HopeLine, U.S. Cellular, Phone 4 Charity
Medical Bills: Medicaid and Medicare, Early Head Start, Children’s Health Insurance Program, Pregnant Women Support Act, Star Kids, Connecting Kids to Coverage, Health and Human Services Oral Care etc

Food Grants
Healthy eating is important but unemployment can deny people from consuming nutritional foods like milk products, cereals, pulses etc. Deprived families at nutritional risk can easily avail food grants like Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), School Lunch and Breakfast Assistance Program, Commodity Supplemental Food Program, Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP), School Breakfast Program, Child Nutrition Programs, Special Milk Program and Food Distribution Program. Low income households can also get grocery vouchers, special coupons, discount cards, food vouchers and assistance from food banks and pantries. Nonprofits like Salvation Army, Feeding Army, and community agencies can also help.

Samples, Discounted Goods and Free Stuffs
Many companies, organizations, and online sites offer free goods, samples or discounted products. Low income people can get free baby formula, diapers, baby furniture, car seats, baby clothes, office clothes, toys, computers, mobile phones, uniforms, shoes etc. Sites like Ebay Classified, Freecycle and Craiglist provides with listings of donors ready to offer donated stuffs.
Grants from Nonprofits
Nonprofits accredited local agencies and community agencies also offer financial help to unemployed people in emergency situations. More than 1100 agencies in America are working tirelessly to provide the basic necessities to families below poverty line. Get help with your housing bills, utility bills, medical bills, maternity needs, baby stuffs like furniture, toys, diapers, baby food, clothes, uniforms for school and office and short-term bill payments.
Keep researching for more Grants for Low Income Unemployed People, the list is just endless. Get your grants to stand back in feet and get relieved from financial stress and cover your debts.

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