14 December 2016

Top 5 Important Free Grants Tips For Individual Applicants

Researching and applying for a grant is not as easy as it sounds. While many sites promise grants and benefit programs from the federal government it might be quite stressful to get one. Institutes, state governments, and nonprofits that are functioning for the society are entitled to receive grants from the government but if you are applying as an individual the options can be limited.
There can be a series of paperwork, documentations, and several eligibility criteria if applying individually and not on behalf of an organization. The article will emphasize on the essential criteria and important grant tips for individual applicants. Let’s have a look at the key points.
Grants Tips For Individuals
Registering as an Individual
You need to first register as an individual with an FON-Funding Opportunity Number, that’s your initial step. Then start looking for individual grants on the site. Remember most of the grants are for organizations that allow them to apply for the FON. Well, worry not!
Filter your Search
Once you are on the grants.gov page start filtering your searches. Remember that you will be applying as an individual here hence under the Eligibility search criteria don’t forget to filter the search and select the Individual option.
Create a Workspace
Create a workshop to apply for your grants. It can help to access online forms whenever they are available and also reuse forms and/or Grants.gov application across different workspaces to save more time.

Just search for the grant opportunity for which you will create the workspace and get started.
Narrowing Down the Searches
While looking for individual grants you need to narrow down your searches as there are uncountable grants available on the sites that might confuse you. Begin your searches in the Keyword field and look for ‘fellowship.’ Further, narrow down the search by selecting the individuals and start looking for the available grants.
Fellowships are funding opportunities for individuals who wish to work along with the federal agency for a given period of time. These grants are usually posted by grant making agencies, not to confuse with Grants.gov, but not always grants are available.  Wait and apply for the grants when available that will give you the great opportunity to assist the agency in its missions and work alongside civil servants.
Check Other Options
There can be many other options available if you are not finding the required funding opportunity on the Grants.gov. You can easily look for blogs emphasizing on individual grants-Federal Grants to Pay Utility Bills, Home Repair Grants, Financial Aid for College Education etc.
Also, visit the benefits.gov site and search for different types of federal financial benefit programs available. Make use of the Benefits Finder tool to look up for grants.
Follow these simple steps and important tips to begin your search for individual grant application and get financial assistance for your needs. Apply soon.

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