26 December 2016

Medical Grants For Veterans-Free Money For Paying Medical Bills

The life of Veterans post retirement is not easy. During service period many Veterans suffer serious injuries, mental or health damages and/or became disabled. Due to failing health issues, medical attention is the need but financial crisis poses as a big hurdle in availing medical services.Many nonprofits, charities, the federal government and Veteran associations offer financial support. Let’s read the available medical grants for Veterans.
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Veterans who are entitled to get VA pension are also eligible to receive monthly Aid & Attendance and Housebound Assistance Pension. It helps pay expenses for care in the home, assisted living facility or nursing home. Per month a Veteran can get up to $1,788 while a Veteran with a spouse can get up to 2,120. Veterans with sick spouses are eligible to get maximum $1,406 and a surviving spouse can get maximum $1,149.
National Association of American Veterans
Severely injured Veterans, single parent servicemen, family members of Veterans and military caregivers can receive financial assistance and emergency funds that help in getting medical attention, free transportation to medical appointments, clearing the due debts and paying off the medical bills on time.

Operation Family Fund
Veterans who are severely disabled in the Operation Enduring and Iraqi Freedom are entitled to receive grants that financially assist in paying off rents, medical bills, vehicle repair, emergency transportation and other necessities.
grants to pay medical bills
Project MEND
Since 2007 Project MEND has been offering durable medical equipment and assistive technologies to disabled Veterans and their families for an improved and independent life. The Project was started in honor of Ester Geffre who had developed fatal illness and required assistance with medical equipment. Since its inception, more than 1300 medical equipment have been provided to eligible servicemen. In 2016 it received the prestigious Newman’s Own Award for its commendable services.

Reel American Heroes Foundation
It’s a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that offers recreational therapy to the soldiers, airmen, sailors, combat and disabled veterans and the marines. The foundation works with military bases and military hospitals to provide the services in over 25 states.
Salvation Army Liberty Program
Iran and Afghanistan War Veterans can obtain funds from the Liberty Program for their mental health services, unmet needs, psychotherapy, drug/alcohol recovery and other healthcare needs. The funds help to meet the medical needs and also pay for bills. Contact your local Salvation Army office for medical assistance and financial help.
Army Emergency Relief
The nonprofit offers grant money for emergency situations to US Army soldiers that are never to be repaid. It has granted millions of dollars for medical expenses, college education, scholarships, rent, food, utilities and bill payments. Service members and their families can also get loans that are interest-free.
American Red Cross
Veterans who have served the US Armed Forces receive monetary help to meet their daily requirements like food, shelter, housing and medical needs. The nonprofit offers emergency funds that can help Veterans to meet their healthcare needs and also get relieved from debts and due bills.
There are countless other nonprofits, organizations and charities like USA Cares Program, Army Emergency Relief, Operation Homefront, Wounded Warriors Family Support, Military Warriors Support Foundation, Veterans of Foreign Wars Unmet Need Grant and others. Contact the organizations today and get medical grants for Veterans.

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