1 December 2016

Free Grants For Single Mothers To Pay For Home Repair Bills

Get your single mother home repair grants and renovate your home for free to live in a decent and safe house with your family. Single moms are often at a financial loss to repair and renovate their homes. But maintenance, weatherizing, renovation, up-gradation and remodeling work is essential for the safety and security of the residents of the house that also promotes better living standards.
Nonprofits, government, state and counties offer funds to single moms for financial support. This facilitates in repairing of pipes, stairs, ceiling, roof, removing health hazards, weatherization, renovating home after a natural disaster etc. Let’s have a look at the varied financial sources for home repairing.
Grants.gov: it’s the most authentic government site for federal grants. If looking for home repair grants then visit the Grants.gov page and begin searching with terms like home repairing, home improvement, housing etc. to find the available grants. If you get your needed grants give a quick look to the details and fill in the application. Keep a track of the application and your e-mails to know your status.

HUD: single moms may receive grants or loans for their home repair requirements. Grant programs like Disaster Recovery Assistance, Neighborhood and Small Cities Stabilization Program and Community Block Development Grants facilitate in improving or remodeling of homes for safe and decent living standards. Funds are allocated to counties, states, nonprofits and local governments that are later disbursed among eligible single moms.
grants for home repair bills
HUD has also initiated home repair loans for single moms. Applicants can apply for loans from HUD that ensures it’s approved lenders against any loss. Mothers with a good credit history can apply for the following loan program:
Title 1 loan
203(k) rehab loan
Streamlined 203(k)
Home Repair Programs by State: every state has funding provisions for home repairs. The local or state government, community agencies, housing finance departments, regional councils and accredited organizations offer assistance and emergency cash grants for home improvement needs.
Homeowner-Occupied Rehabilitation Grants: low income earning single mothers, who are homeowners, are eligible to get grant money from the local governments for urgent home repair work. The repairing work may include energy efficiency up-gradation, renovating major systems like plumbing, mechanical & electrical, accessibility improvements and building code-required things. 
There are few eligibility criteria to remember:
The annual income of the applicant must be or below 80% of the Area Median Income
Applicant must be a legal U.S. citizen
The applicant must be the primary resident of the house
Must have clear property title
House must be in a condition for rehabilitation
Applicants must reside within the limits of San Antonio city
Additionally, single moms can take help from Single-Family Rehabilitation (SFR) Program, Single-Family Rehabilitation Loan Pool (SFRLP), USDA and Urgent Repair Program (URP). Start applying now for the home repair programs for single moms and get a secured shelter to dwell in with your family. For more information read Home Repair Grants for Disabled Mothers.

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