18 November 2016

Financial Assistance To Pay Off Your Monthly Expenses And Bills

Get your grants and get financial assistance to pay off your monthly expenses and bills with ease.
Many low income families struggle hard of pay off their bills for monthly expenses. The meager income levels and low savings pose a big challenge in fulfilling the basic needs. Federal grants and assistance from nonprofits are available to help such distressed families to meet their needs and cover up the expenses.
Read on to know about the varied grants available for your needs.
Cable TV Bills:  Television is an effective means of entertainment and knowledge, especially for children. With time it’s become an important need but the cable bills can be expensive to pay off. Well, if you are running short of money contact your cable companies to avail special plans, discounts, installment payment schemes, installment programs and monthly cable payment schemes.

Telephone Bills: telephone is an essential means of communications but the installation fees, monthly charges, mobile recharging can be expensive for low income families to afford. The federal government, nonprofits, telephone companies and cell phone companies offer payment schemes, discount plans, installation plans and free services to help pay off bills and dues. Look for assistance from Linkup, Lifeline and nonprofits like HopeLine, Secure the Call, Phone 4 Charity, U.S. Cellular.
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Water Bills: water is a prime requisite for all but many needy families struggles hard to pay the monthly water bills. Well, there are water companies, federal grants, and nonprofits to offer help with all financial problems, due bills, and payment issues. The American Water Corporate, the largest U.S. water company, offers payment plans, installment programs, discounts and credit plans for eligible low income families. The Low Income Payment Program and H2O Help to Others Program are also available for assistance.
grants to pay your monthly bills
Home Rent: paying off monthly home rent can be intimidating for low income families with limited earnings. Thousands of families face the risk of getting evicted and becoming homeless for their overdue rents. The federal government and nonprofit organizations extend housing support and financial assistance to needy families. Get home grants from HUD, US Department of Agriculture, CDBG, Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, Fanie Mae, Mercy Housing, American Red Cross, CoAbode, United Way to pay off your monthly rents.
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Food and Groceries: though the food is a daily necessity there certain monthly necessities like cereals, milk products, pulses etc. Deprived families can get help with grocery bills from grocery vouchers, discount cards, food vouchers, government food stores and food grants like SNAP, Emergency Food Program, School Lunch and Breakfast Assistance Program and The Emergency Food Assistance Program. You can also get rebates, coupons, special discounts and products on sale from food banks and pantries. Also, seek help from nonprofits if in the emergency situation.
Utility Bills: grants are also available for utility bills, weatherization, and up-gradation for energy efficiency. States, government, nonprofits and local communities financially support needy families with grants like LIHEAP Crisis Program, LIHEAP Grant, The Weatherization Assistance Program and HEAP. Even utility companies offer cash grants, restructuring of payment plans and benefit programs to compensate utility bills. Low income families can also avail summer and winter protection plans and programs and get free heating oil.
The list can be endless. If you are stuck with your monthly expenses apply for the grants to pay off bills.

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