22 November 2016

Free Housing Debt Relief Grants For Senior Citizens To Pay Off Bills

Senior citizens struggle to pay off their housing rents that often lead to heavy debts and due bills. The federal government, state agencies and nonprofits hence offer debt relief housing grants to ward off homelessness and evictions. The grants help in offsetting the debts and offer subsidy plans for affordable accommodation facilities. Let’s have a look at the housing debt relief grants.
HUD Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly Program
HUD provides affordable housing facilities to low income senior citizens in an environment with support facilities like transportation, cleaning, cooking to help them reside independently. The complete construction and acquisition of the housing structures are financed by HUD. The 202 Supportive Housing program provides rent subsidies and rental funds to pay for the difference in rent amount paid by the tenant and the operating cost of the project.
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The eligible applicants for the housing program are the nonprofit consumer cooperatives and the private nonprofit organizations. The eligible customers for the program are the very low-income households who have at least one member of or above 62 years during the occupancy.
The application process is administered by the state and county offices and the funds are later allocated to the local charities and nonprofits. Check for the Notice of Funding in Grants.gov and send an application in its response to applying.

Public Housing
Public Housing programs offer safe and decent housing facilities of different sizes and types to eligible applicants like senior citizens, disabled people, and low income families. Applicants who have lower income limits of 80% and very low income limits of 50% of the median income may get housing grants. However, the income limits can vary according to areas. Contact the local HA or the HUD field office.
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The Housing agency will determine the eligibility factors for applicants which are:
Must be U.S. citizen or have legal immigration status
The annual gross income is determined
Need to qualify as person with disability, senior citizen or family
Housing Debt Relief Grants For Senior Citizens
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Housing Choice Voucher Program
The HUD offers safe and decent housing facilities to low and very low income senior citizens through the Housing Choice Voucher Program. Applicants can find their own housing of choice outside subsidized housing projects like townhouses, single family homes, apartments, but it must meet the stated program requirements and HUD safety standards. Housing choice vouchers, administered by the PHA and funded by HUD, are given to eligible applicants to look for housing.
The PHA directly pays the housing subsidy to the landlord on behalf of the applicants or families. Later the families pay the remaining amount to the landlord that was not compensated or subsidized by the program.
USDA Section 515 Multi-Family Housing
The USDA offers subsidy programs for affordable living conditions for senior citizens. There are more than 15,000 complexes in the rural areas of the 50 states that are offered to low income seniors at subsidized rates. The income limits can vary according to location and area.
Non-Profit Organizations
Nonprofits and charities like Fannie Mae, Mercy Housing, Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, American Red Cross, and community agencies also offer housing facilities to senior citizens.
Research well and start applying now for the senior citizen housing grants.

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