16 November 2016

Free Grants Help Pay Water Bills-Need Money For Paying Bills

Fresh, clean water is the basic necessity of all but huge water bills can be a challenge for low income families. To avoid disconnection of water facility and to help clear bills water bill companies, nonprofits, and local governments offer grants, discounts, benefit programs, easy payment plans and installment programs. Contact the water companies or apply for federal/ state grants for assistance with water bills.
Water Bill Debt Relief Programs
The Low Income Payment Program (LIPP): financially crunched families can receive assistance from the LIPP representatives to plan their payment and pay water bills in installment or in credit form over a period of time. Eligible customers may also get monthly discounts for their wastewater and water charges from the LIPP Assistance for Low Income Customers program.
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grants to pay water bills
There are certain eligibility criteria, income limits, total monthly household income limits and family size to apply for the program. The criteria and the cash grant amount may vary according to states and areas they reside in. Call the LIPP customer service before the due date for help with water payment.
American Water Corporate: it is the largest US water utility company, founded in 1886, that serves more than 15 million people. The company has its presence in more than 45 states and operates in different states like Texas, Florida, New Jersey, Massachusetts, California, and Pennsylvania. Families facing financial crisis can seek assistance through varied payment plans, payment schemes, installment programs and resources to pay off their water bills and debts. People need to contact the American Water customer service before the due date for help.
H2O Help to Others Program: low income families are eligible to get a monthly discount for their water bill charges. Customers having annual household income below 150% of the Federal poverty guidelines are eligible for the wastewater and/or water discount program. The H2O grant program offers 3 services:
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Qualifying applicants get a one-time cash grant of $500 to pay off a portion of their monthly water bill.
Applicants can also get 80% discount for monthly service fee
Offer education and water saving devices
For wastewater there are 2 services available:
Every year grant amount up to $500 is given
A discount of 15% on the wastewater charges
However, if the grant money is not sufficient enough to pay the entire due bills the remaining amount is payable based on the income limits of the family members. To qualify for the H2O Help to Others Program applicants must have the stated monthly income that is variable according to states and area rules in which they reside. To avail grants, customers must contact before the due date. Contact Dollar Energy Fund for more information.
Nonprofit Organizations: assistance may also be available from the nonprofit organizations, charities, accredited institutes, and other government or local programs. Nonprofits like Salvation Army, American Red Cross, Net Wish offer financial assistance to pay off bills and dues, helping to retain water services and facilities.
Call your water service provider or the service department if you are falling behind on your water bills. Research well about varied alternatives, plans or installment options available and apply today for the grants for water bills.

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