20 November 2016

Free Grants Help Pay Off Telephone Bills-Apply For Money Online

Start applying for the grants and benefit programs and pay off your telephone bills without worrying about financial problems
Telephones or mobile phones are now an essential need for communication for all but the monthly bills or recharge rates for cell phones are expensive enough to afford. Low income families with their meager savings and income levels might struggle to pay off the bills or even keep a telephone connection. To extend support states, government and local authorities offer telephone assistance programs to help needy customers. Let’s have a look at the different telephone grants available for you.
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Telephone Assistance Program: there are telephone assistance programs from the federal government that can assist low income families to pay their telephone bills. The grants are disbursed by the states and granted to applicants receiving SNAP, LIHEAP, Medicaid, TANF, SSI, housing benefits. The telephone programs are separated into two components

Lifeline: it’s a government benefit program administered by the Federal Communications Commission’s Universal Service Fund. Below a certain income level customers are eligible to get discounted telephone or cell phone services. The discounts are however not applicable for special phone types like Caller ID or Call Waiting or for long distances. Subscribers now receive monthly discounts for purchasing telephone services from participating providers. The eligibility for Lifeline services is either income based or program based.

grants to pay telephone bills
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      Once you qualify for Lifeline these are the steps to get your discount services:
  • first, make a selection of a phone company
  • fill the phone company application form providing the important details
  • your identity will be verified by the company and then you will get enrolled
  • recertify every year to continue getting services
LifeLine is soon to be modernized to provide discounted broadband to its subscribers.
Link-up: another federal program, it provides a discount for the telephone or cell phone installation charges for deprived families. Eligible families can get up to $30 discount for the setup. Customers can also borrow the balance amount for a year in case the setup fees exceed $30 which is interest free. Contact your state or local organization for the benefits.
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Free Mobile Phones: if getting a telephone service seems unaffordable you can use mobile phones. Seek help from the state social service agency for donated mobile phones. Nonprofit organizations like Secure the Call, HopeLine, U.S. Cellular, Phone 4 Charity and others also offer donated cell phones to the needy, victims of domestic violence and single mothers. Few also offer free shipping. 
Local Telephone Companies: monetarily crunched families can also get assistance from local telephone companies for their installation charges and monthly telephone bills. Companies offer plans, installation payment schemes, discount programs etc to help pay the bills over a period of time. Customers can also use pricing plans that are less expensive.
States and counties may also have special plans to offer zero percent interest loans, reduced setup fees or programs to avoid deposit charges. Research well and get the best plan or grants to pay your telephone bills.

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