11 September 2016

How To Get Free Grants Online-Know How to Register

Are you looking to apply for grants? Well, the complete process of registering with Grants.gov and applying for grants may seem quite complicated and tough. There are certainly important steps and tips to follow while you register. The Grants.gov has listed essential steps that will definitely assist organizations to register.
Read the article and get your grants now with ease.
Registering is Totally Free: Well, there may be many sites or callers claiming for money or fees to get you grants or to get you registered to apply for grants. Note those are scams! If you are looking to get grants then you must register on Grants.gov which is absolutely free for all. Just visit the site and get registered, no money is charged for registering for government grants.
Collect Your Data: several registration data is required for registering on grants.gov. Collecting and arranging all the data take some time. The best option is to start registering early to avoid missing the grant deadline. Research well and make note of the deadline for the grant you wish to apply for, keep a track of the timeline.
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Your Organization’s DUNS: the Data Universal Numbering System is a nine digit number that’s unique for your organization. The number is used by the federal government to track the grants money to be allocated. Call 18667055711 for registering for your DUNS-this is also free. Do not entertain any calls or emails asking for money or fees, it's fraud. First get the list of information required to register for DUNS like the year of commencement, the name of the organization, address, legal structure, employee strength, the name of the CEO and others. Within a day or two you will receive your DUNS number.
Do You Know SAM: first, register with System for Award management and then you may register with Grants.gov-that’s the rule. All your data and information should be 100% correct, updated and exact. The Grants.gov will cross check the data with SAM to validate the information given. They must be same and consistent else your application will not be accepted.
Get Thorough Knowledge: in order to make a smooth sail, it’s important to be acquainted with all the grant terms, acronyms, and their meaning. It will help in better understandability and easy to register and apply. Terms like AOR, CFDA number, Cage Code, EBiz POC, Earmark, Formula Grant, FON, FOA etc are important to know. Visit the Grnts.gov to get a thorough knowledge of the terms.
If you are an individual apply in the individual grant section for your personal grants. The organizations and individuals follow different registration and application process. For individual grant application process read How to Apply for Federal Grants.
Don’t delay any further. Start applying soon before the deadline approaches. Visit the Grants.gov site and begin searching for grants by simply keying in the search term in the search area. Read the grant program synopsis and start applying.

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