18 September 2016

Rent Assistance Programs For Low Income Families-Money To Pay Rental Bills

An affordable, decent and secure home is a primary need for all but low-income families find it tough to pay off the high priced rent, mortgages or home loans with their meager income or insufficient savings. Nonpayment or due bills leads to heavy debts, foreclosures, evictions and homelessness for many hence rent assistance programs and grants are offered by the government, states, nonprofits and local or community agencies to financially support such disadvantaged families from becoming homeless. Look for your grants and apply now!

Federal Grants for Rent Assistance
Grants and rent assistance programs are available from the federal government through the local, state and county government offices. Low-income families can apply for rental grant programs administered by the federal housing agencies to offer affordable housing, prevent evictions and help pay off the rent, security deposits and subsidize the housing costs.
Rent Assistance Programs For Low Income Families
Single mothers, senior citizens, disabled, low-income residents, veterans and individuals residing in multiunit housing buildings can avail housing vouchers.  The rental assistance grants and federal housing agencies to seek help from are:
Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program
Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program
Housing and Urban Development
USDA Rural Development
Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Program
Family Unification Program
State Grant
States, local government, county offices and community action agencies also administer rent assistance and housing grants. Different states have their individual rental or housing assistance programs to assist low-income families in paying off their rents, availing subsidies or affordable housing units. Some rental assistance programs from states are:
Texas Department of Housing & Community Affairs-Texas
Residential Assistance for Families in Transition---Massachusetts
Emergency Financial Assistance Program (EFAHP)-Florida
Public Housing Authority in every state
Eviction Prevention and rapid Re-housing for NonPayment of Rent
The Eviction Prevention Program has been initiated by the federal government to support low-income families facing evictions or those who are homeless. The EEP is administered by the local government, community action agencies and nonprofits that offer security deposits, short-term payment, and case management services for the due rents. Financial support and utility assistance are granted to pay off due bills and avoid discontinuation of services.
Families can seek help for foreclosures, conflict resolution, rent payment, mediation and other housing assistance.
Nonprofit Programs
Rental support and housing assistance are also available from nonprofit organizations, community agencies, churches and other religious organizations. In emergency situations, disadvantaged families may seek help for rent payments from local agencies and charities to avoid evictions. Mortgages and foreclosure aid can also be availed from nonprofits like
Mercy Housing
Fannie Mae
Habitat for Humanity
Salvation Army
Lutheran Services in America, Love in the Name of Christ, YMCA, American Red Cross, Saint Vincent de Paul
Get the best rent assistance programs from government, charities, states and accredited organizations to secure a permanent shelter for your family with all the basic amenities. Apply now if you too require housing or rent assistance. For more information read Free Money to Pay Housing Bills.

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