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August 21, 2016

New Medical Grants For Individuals 2016-Apply Free Health Grants Online

Medical needs are indispensable but the exorbitant rates of medical services and drugs can cause a serious financial burden for the low income earning families. Paying for the huge medical bills, especially with no insurance is a big challenge for them.
Every year medical grants are disbursed by the government to the states, counties, local government, and nonprofits for free medical checks, improved healthcare and funding for the disadvantaged families. Let’s have a look at this year’s new medical grants.

Medical Grants For Individuals

Star Kids: it’s a new Texas care program initiated by Medicaid to be launched on 1st November 2016. The program will offer medical services and benefits to disabled children of 20 years of age or below. STAR Kids program seeks to provide medical services and benefits like preventive care, prescription drugs, personal care services, specialty care, medical supplies and medical equipment and private drug nursing.
Families or children with disabilities living in an intermediate community-based facility for individuals will be given medical facilities.
Michigan Health Endowment Fund: over $3 million has been issued to almost 37 organizations by the Michigan Health Endowment Fund for the reduction in infant mortality rates in the state. The program aims to improve the health services rendered to adopted and foster children.
Community organizations, over the years, have received almost $63 million from the fund that has significantly improved the health services for children and seniors residing in Michigan.

The Black Mother’s breastfeeding Association, the Macomb Children’s Healthcare Access program, Genesee Health Plan, Area Agency on Ageing 1-B, Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation, pediatric Foundation of Michigan, Community Health and Social Services, Fair Food Network and many others awardees have received grant money from the fund.
Connecting Kids to Coverage: the CMS has announced to provide $32 million to at least 38 community organizations located in 27 states to enroll Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program-eligible children for the Connecting Kids to Coverage campaign. Local communities, states and school districts that lack in proper health coverage have been given more importance for better medical services.

free medical grants online

As per the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ (CMS) new survey, there has been an increase in enrollment of 1 million children in 2015 as compared to the previous years. Now more and more children will have health insurance from their early lives that will improve lives and reduce the financial burden.

Health and Human Services Oral Care: almost $156 million has been decided to be awarded to 420 health centers for improved health care services. Located in 47 states, these health centers aims to expand their services, number of doctors, technicians, aides, assistants and the number of  patients through the grant program.
The awards are granted by the Health Resources and Services Administration for the betterment oral care services and inclusion of more patients.
Apply soon for the latest medical grants and give your family a well secured, insured and healthy life.

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  1. I agree,
    People can't ignore these expenses. A lot of families are under pressure of medical bills.
    Great blog and topic. I appreciate the way you conveyed your message.


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