4 August 2016

Get Your Free Personal Money Grants To Pay Off All Essential Bills And Debts

There can be innumerable essential personal needs but financial constraints can pose hurdles in accomplishing them. Low-income families often require funds or cash assistance to fulfill their personal requirements. If you are one of them, then simply apply for grants and free money from the government, private organizations, accredited organizations, and nonprofits. As much as $50,000 is granted every year to eligible applicants to pull them out their crisis situations.

It’s all free money; you never need to pay them back. So, hurry and apply.
Internet Bills: paying off monthly internet bills can be financially challenging for low-income families. However, internet connection is a necessity nowadays especially for school going children and those working from home. Grants are available from the state agencies, the federal government, nonprofits, and internet companies to help you. The Federal Communications Commission, USDA, state plans, programs like Internet Essentials and internet companies like CenturyLink and Comcast can assist you with your internet bills.

money to pay for home utility bills

Roof and Window Replacement: house maintenance is important for the security and comfort of residents. Occasionally some replacements are required due to damage but the expenses can be unfeasible for low-income families. If your window or roof is damaged then worry not, there are grants to help you with your expenses.
To replace your windows, apply for Weatherization Assistance Program, Self-Help Homeownership Opportunity Program, Energy Star Incentive Program, High Energy Cost Grant Program, State Grants and nonprofit assistance programs.
Similarly, for roof replacement, you can apply for The Housing Preservation Grant, Weatherization Assistance Program, Single Family Housing Repair Grants and Single Family Residential Rehabilitation Program (SFRRP).
Groceries: if you are in need of free groceries apply for food grants, nutritional assistance and healthy food resources from the federal government. Free food vouchers, meals, and groceries are offered through food grants like Emergency Food Assistance Program, Special Milk Program, National School Lunch Program, SNAP, School Breakfast Program, Food Distribution Program, Food Banks, Child and Adult Care Food Program etc.
Furniture: a furnished house requires furniture for a comfortable stay but purchasing them can be very expensive for families with inadequate income. Well, there are few personal grants for your furniture needs. You may contact the Furniture Bank Association, The Salvation Army, Operation Homefront, Interfaith Human Services, catholic charities and nonprofits for free furniture.

free grants for food and groceries

Car or Automobile: low-income families are eligible for free cars from numerous nonprofit organizations. For your free personal car contact 1-800-Charity Cars, Cars for Careers, Wheels 4 Hope, Habitat for Humanity, Free Charity Cars and others.
Heating Oil and Fuel: if you are running out of heating oil or fuel then you may apply for free heating oil program from home heating oil buying network, Citizen Energy Oil Heat program, LIHEAP, JOE-4-OIL, state agencies, and nonprofits. Elderly and low-income families facing monetary hardships are eligible for free heating oil.
This a short list of available free money for your personal needs. You may also get assistance for water bills, phone bills, home repair services, cable TV bills, clothing etc. Apply today and fulfill all your personal requirements.

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