24 August 2016

African American Grants and Financial assistance-Free Money For Minorities

Minorities are the under-represented groups in the country and most of them fall in the low-income bracket, restricting them from fulfilling their daily needs of life. Federal grants and assistance programs have been initiated to help them overcome their monetary constrictions and lead a basic standard of life. The money and grants are a free gift from the government that doesn’t need to be repaid. Start applying now!

Housing Grants
Paying exorbitant housing bills can be a big financial burden that can lead to foreclosure and homelessness. Minority groups often struggle to pay off their rents hence housing grants are given by the government to help them overcome financial barriers. The USDA, Housing Choice Voucher Program, CDBG, Public Housing Program and nonprofits are some of the essential housing grants for all.
housing grants for minorities pay bills
The Hispanic-Serving Institutions Assisting Communities (HSIAC), Indian Community Development Block Grant (ICDBG) and Project-Based Rental Assistance program are other grant programs for affordable housing facilities for minority people. The HSIAC aims to revitalize the local neighborhood and promote affordable housing. The ICDBG provides grants to Indian communities or Alaska Native for decent housing, its grant limit being $450,000.
The Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation’s (NRC) receives $200 million to prevent homelessness while the additional provision of $90 million has been made by HUD to prevent foreclosure and eviction.
Educational Grants and Scholarships
Over the years there has been a huge rate of college dropouts. Financial loss or heavy debts have forced minority students to discontinue education hence to boost academic pursuits for a better future, several accredited foundations, private organizations, universities and the government have initiated numerous scholarship programs and grants that cover the majority of the college expenses.
United Negro College Fund, Black Women in Sisterhood for Action, Asian American Journalist Association, Ciri Foundation, Iowa Minority Academic Grants for Economic Success, Ronald Mcdonald House Charities, Jackie Robinson Foundation, Hispanic Scholarship Fund are some of the scholarship programs for minorities. The Ohio State University and the Yale School of Business Management are the universities that offer minority scholarship programs. For government grants, apply for the Pell Grant, FSEOG, National SMART Grant and Academic Competitiveness Grant.
Educational Grants and Scholarships for hispanics
Loan Exemptions:  students with overburdened loans now have easy loan repayment plans from the government. President Obama has made provisions for reduced monthly payments, debt forgiving after 20 years and exemption from loan payments after 10 years for students joining public service.
Business Grants
The U.S. government offers minority business grants to boost minority group entrepreneurs to establish and grow their businesses. Minority-owned firms and business are offered financial aid in the form of loans, grants, counseling, assistance and training to help them run, expand and compete in the federal marketplace.
Some of the business grants are available through SBA 8(a) Business Development Program, Small Business Administration’s Minority Owned Program and USDA Grant that lends funds to rural community grantees. Georgia-Pacific Grant, Amber Foundation Grant, Operation HOPE and business Loans are also available for minority business assistance.
If you too fall in the minority section, then start applying soon for the federal grants and get your free money.

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