5 August 2016

Find and Get College Scholarships and Grants For Low Income Women

There are countless financially constrained single women struggling to make a living and pursue their educational goals. College education is expensive and with a family to support it’s quite impossible to continue with academic pursuits.

But don’t get disheartened! Innumerable scholarship programs are available from reputed foundations, accredited organizations and private agencies that can fulfill your dreams to continue your college studies and make a successful career.

Read through to know your chances of getting a college scholarship to fund your educational expenses.
Soroptimist Women’s Opportunity Award
The Live Your Dream Awards, earlier known as Women’s Opportunity Awards, offers educational grants to low income earning women who are the sole bread owners of their families. Every year grant amount of more than $1.7 million is given to over 1,300 women who have suffered financial loss, domestic violence, substance abuse, divorced, drug and/or alcohol abuse or death of the spouse.
The scholarship is awarded for educational pursuits and employment prospects and the funds can be utilized for offsetting costs like books, tuition, childcare, transport etc for attaining higher degrees. The program includes three cash award levels-
First level-1,300 women are selected & given $1,000
Region level-100 first level selected applicants are given $3,000 or $5,000
International level-3 selected region level applicants are given $10,000
Scholarships and Grants For Low Income Women
Know Your Eligibility
Single moms must be enrolled in skills/vocational program and also in an undergraduate degree program
Must showcase financial need and should be the primary wage earner of the family
Should have serious educational goals and ambition for a successful career
Is or will be enrolled in undergraduate program or skill/vocational training program
Should not have a graduate degree
To apply just download & fill out the application form, give two references and submit the application. The application for 2016-17 is already available from 1st July, so hurry.
EFWA Scholarships for Women in Accounting
Women who are pursuing accounting degrees can avail grants from the Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting awards. Post-graduate, graduate and undergraduate women are eligible for the scholarship program. Grant amount of $1,000 to $2,000 are awarded to deserving candidates who have a minimum of 3.0 cumulative GPA.  There are different criteria for each scholarship program.
Undergraduate scholarships include
Women in need-awarded $2,000 every year for two years for women completing sophomore year
Women in transition--for newly enrolled women who are awarded up to $16,000 for four-year degree
Moss Adams Foundation-minority women are awarded $1.000 annually for pursuing accounting
Institute of Management Accountants-women studying accounting bachelor degree are awarded $2,000
Michele L.McDonald Memorial-women having children or those returning from their jobs are awarded $1,000 every year
Rhonda J.B. O’Leary Memorial
Graduate scholarships include
Moss Adams Foundation
Institute of Management Accountants
Rhonda J.B. O’Leary Memorial
Post Graduate scholarships include
Laurels Fund-initiated in 1978 to offer scholarships to women studying advanced accounting degrees
If you are a low income earning women apply today for the college scholarship programs and accomplish your educational dreams.

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