25 August 2016

Important Tips To Get Free Federal Grants Online-Exploring Government Grants

Are you looking for free grants or funding opportunities for your personal use? Well, there may be a series of steps to accomplish your job. First, you must know your eligibility factor to start looking for grants. The searching process can be confusing enough hence I have listed few significant tips and guidelines that can help you in your searching experience. Let’s have a look.
Understanding the Grants.gov 
It’s first important to understand the Grants.gov before you start looking for grants. Searching for a grant can be an overwhelming task, trying to figure out the right program and the correct steps to apply. Grants.gov is the most authentic government site to apply for individual or organizational grants. Remember, it requires no money, fees or payments to apply for or get grants. If any organization or person asks for money then it’s definitely a scam. it’s a fraud.Beware,Grants.gov will neither ask for money nor will you get calls or e-mails if a grant has not been applied for.

The Eligibility Factor
Next, it’s essential to know the basic difference between organizations (nonprofit, state, counties, universities) and individuals (any single person) seeking a federal grant. Well, you must know that Grants.gov awards most of the grants to organizations and only a few free grants money are for individuals.

Tips To Get Free Federal Grants Online
To look for your individual grant program you must explore the eligibility factor of the grant. For this, click the Search Grants tab, look for the Eligibility search option and then again click the ‘Individuals’ option. Here you will find grant titles-read the funding opportunities to know if you are eligible to apply. If not eligible then there are probably no individual grants available now. However, you may continue your search following 4 other steps or ways.
Benefits.gov: explore the benefits.gov page to know your eligibility for any assistance from the government. Thoroughly read the site, use the Benefit Finder tool to answer few questions that ascertain your eligibility to apply for a grant.
USA.gov: if yet no grants are available in the Grants.gov or Benefit.gov you may take a tour of the USA.gov site and have a quick look at the Government Benefits, Grants and Loans page for any eligibility chance.
Subscribe: the best option is to subscribe to the Grants.gov site that will send you emails and keep you updated about any available new funding opportunity for individuals. Whenever a new grant for individuals is posted you will be notified.
State and Local Agencies: don’t forget to check with your state, county, and local government websites or agencies to dig further for information on the availability of grants. Additional opportunities often exist here for individual assistance. You may also seek assistance from nonprofits, charities and community action agencies for grant information or assistance.
Follow these essential steps when you visit the Grants.gov site next time. If looking for grants consider the tips. It’s probable that you won’t find grants for your personal needs hence the best option is to seek assistance from state agencies and nonprofits for quick support. Have a great searching experience.

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24 August 2016

African American Grants and Financial assistance-Free Money For Minorities

Minorities are the under-represented groups in the country and most of them fall in the low-income bracket, restricting them from fulfilling their daily needs of life. Federal grants and assistance programs have been initiated to help them overcome their monetary constrictions and lead a basic standard of life. The money and grants are a free gift from the government that doesn’t need to be repaid. Start applying now!

Housing Grants
Paying exorbitant housing bills can be a big financial burden that can lead to foreclosure and homelessness. Minority groups often struggle to pay off their rents hence housing grants are given by the government to help them overcome financial barriers. The USDA, Housing Choice Voucher Program, CDBG, Public Housing Program and nonprofits are some of the essential housing grants for all.
housing grants for minorities pay bills
The Hispanic-Serving Institutions Assisting Communities (HSIAC), Indian Community Development Block Grant (ICDBG) and Project-Based Rental Assistance program are other grant programs for affordable housing facilities for minority people. The HSIAC aims to revitalize the local neighborhood and promote affordable housing. The ICDBG provides grants to Indian communities or Alaska Native for decent housing, its grant limit being $450,000.
The Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation’s (NRC) receives $200 million to prevent homelessness while the additional provision of $90 million has been made by HUD to prevent foreclosure and eviction.
Educational Grants and Scholarships
Over the years there has been a huge rate of college dropouts. Financial loss or heavy debts have forced minority students to discontinue education hence to boost academic pursuits for a better future, several accredited foundations, private organizations, universities and the government have initiated numerous scholarship programs and grants that cover the majority of the college expenses.
United Negro College Fund, Black Women in Sisterhood for Action, Asian American Journalist Association, Ciri Foundation, Iowa Minority Academic Grants for Economic Success, Ronald Mcdonald House Charities, Jackie Robinson Foundation, Hispanic Scholarship Fund are some of the scholarship programs for minorities. The Ohio State University and the Yale School of Business Management are the universities that offer minority scholarship programs. For government grants, apply for the Pell Grant, FSEOG, National SMART Grant and Academic Competitiveness Grant.
Educational Grants and Scholarships for hispanics
Loan Exemptions:  students with overburdened loans now have easy loan repayment plans from the government. President Obama has made provisions for reduced monthly payments, debt forgiving after 20 years and exemption from loan payments after 10 years for students joining public service.
Business Grants
The U.S. government offers minority business grants to boost minority group entrepreneurs to establish and grow their businesses. Minority-owned firms and business are offered financial aid in the form of loans, grants, counseling, assistance and training to help them run, expand and compete in the federal marketplace.
Some of the business grants are available through SBA 8(a) Business Development Program, Small Business Administration’s Minority Owned Program and USDA Grant that lends funds to rural community grantees. Georgia-Pacific Grant, Amber Foundation Grant, Operation HOPE and business Loans are also available for minority business assistance.
If you too fall in the minority section, then start applying soon for the federal grants and get your free money.

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21 August 2016

New Medical Grants For Individuals 2016-Apply Free Health Grants Online

Medical needs are indispensable but the exorbitant rates of medical services and drugs can cause a serious financial burden for the low income earning families. Paying for the huge medical bills, especially with no insurance is a big challenge for them.
Every year medical grants are disbursed by the government to the states, counties, local government, and nonprofits for free medical checks, improved healthcare and funding for the disadvantaged families. Let’s have a look at this year’s new medical grants.

Medical Grants For Individuals

Star Kids: it’s a new Texas care program initiated by Medicaid to be launched on 1st November 2016. The program will offer medical services and benefits to disabled children of 20 years of age or below. STAR Kids program seeks to provide medical services and benefits like preventive care, prescription drugs, personal care services, specialty care, medical supplies and medical equipment and private drug nursing.
Families or children with disabilities living in an intermediate community-based facility for individuals will be given medical facilities.
Michigan Health Endowment Fund: over $3 million has been issued to almost 37 organizations by the Michigan Health Endowment Fund for the reduction in infant mortality rates in the state. The program aims to improve the health services rendered to adopted and foster children.
Community organizations, over the years, have received almost $63 million from the fund that has significantly improved the health services for children and seniors residing in Michigan.

The Black Mother’s breastfeeding Association, the Macomb Children’s Healthcare Access program, Genesee Health Plan, Area Agency on Ageing 1-B, Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation, pediatric Foundation of Michigan, Community Health and Social Services, Fair Food Network and many others awardees have received grant money from the fund.
Connecting Kids to Coverage: the CMS has announced to provide $32 million to at least 38 community organizations located in 27 states to enroll Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program-eligible children for the Connecting Kids to Coverage campaign. Local communities, states and school districts that lack in proper health coverage have been given more importance for better medical services.

free medical grants online

As per the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ (CMS) new survey, there has been an increase in enrollment of 1 million children in 2015 as compared to the previous years. Now more and more children will have health insurance from their early lives that will improve lives and reduce the financial burden.

Health and Human Services Oral Care: almost $156 million has been decided to be awarded to 420 health centers for improved health care services. Located in 47 states, these health centers aims to expand their services, number of doctors, technicians, aides, assistants and the number of  patients through the grant program.
The awards are granted by the Health Resources and Services Administration for the betterment oral care services and inclusion of more patients.
Apply soon for the latest medical grants and give your family a well secured, insured and healthy life.

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18 August 2016

How to Search For Free Grants Online-Latest Tips From The Government

Are you looking for some latest tips to search for federal grants available to meet your financial needs? Well, the government has initiated some new tips and information that can help you gain insight into the grant application procedures. This will help in saving time and acquiring the right approach to attain a grant which will help to mitigate your monetary needs.

Read the article and apply successfully for your grants.
Latest Grant Searching Tips For You
Know where to search: first you must know the Grants.gov page very well and also the  quick search area, the homepage tabbed search, varied categories of funding opportunities, the full searching page where users can search with keywords, CFDA Number and Title, opportunity number and filtering the search through categories, eligibility, agency, status &funding instrument type.
Searching Free Grants Online
Your search result data can also be exported as CSV file by clicking the Export Detailed Data on the top right corner of the search result page. Users can have access to the funding opportunity announcements by just clicking on the funding opportunity number that is hyperlinked.
Your Eligibility: once you have decided a particular grant program check your eligibility that has two essential points-get registered to Grants.gov for application &know the legal eligibility attached to all the funding opportunity by reading the Application instructions. All the agencies have their own eligibility criteria that are worth checking; else you’ll be wasting a lot of time.
Grant Forecasts: a recent addition to the page is the grant forecast that gives the advantage to apply for a grant.It’s a funding opportunity by a granting agency that is expected to be available soon. Users get the information earlier for which they can make beforehand preparations, resulting in high-quality applications. Don’t forget to check individual websites of the agencies for any grant forecasts (if they have).
The ‘Archived’ section: the Opportunity Status under the Search Grants has the Archived section that offers information about potential grants available annually. You will be able to know the probable time when a particular federal agency will post a grant that you are interested in and also when a specific archived funding opportunity was available or was closed.
The USASpending.gov: this will help to make an analysis of the essential requirements that a specific federal agency wants.The USASpending.gov offers information about the users who were awarded grants in the preceding years. To search key in the grant program title, agency name, CFDA number and other needed information to know the winning entity’s name, the grant amount received, the location of the recipient and other such info. The whole process will enable in preparing better for a grant application.
The best option is to sign up for email notifications that will give you a saved search experience to receive notifications. The searching can be done manually but signing up will just save your time. Make use of the latest tips to search for federal grants and have a happy and easy searching experience.

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10 August 2016

Free Cash Grants For Single Mothers-Easy Application Guide Online

single mother applying for cash grants

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5 August 2016

Find and Get College Scholarships and Grants For Low Income Women

There are countless financially constrained single women struggling to make a living and pursue their educational goals. College education is expensive and with a family to support it’s quite impossible to continue with academic pursuits.
But don’t get disheartened! Innumerable scholarship programs are available from reputed foundations, accredited organizations and private agencies that can fulfill your dreams to continue your college studies and make a successful career.

Read through to know your chances of getting a college scholarship to fund your educational expenses.
Soroptimist Women’s Opportunity Award
The Live Your Dream Awards, earlier known as Women’s Opportunity Awards, offers educational grants to low income earning women who are the sole bread owners of their families. Every year grant amount of more than $1.7 million is given to over 1,300 women who have suffered financial loss, domestic violence, substance abuse, divorced, drug and/or alcohol abuse or death of the spouse.
The scholarship is awarded for educational pursuits and employment prospects and the funds can be utilized for offsetting costs like books, tuition, childcare, transport etc for attaining higher degrees. The program includes three cash award levels-
First level-1,300 women are selected & given $1,000
Region level-100 first level selected applicants are given $3,000 or $5,000
International level-3 selected region level applicants are given $10,000
Scholarships and Grants For Low Income Women
Know Your Eligibility
Single moms must be enrolled in skills/vocational program and also in an undergraduate degree program
Must showcase financial need and should be the primary wage earner of the family
Should have serious educational goals and ambition for a successful career
Is or will be enrolled in undergraduate program or skill/vocational training program
Should not have a graduate degree
To apply just download & fill out the application form, give two references and submit the application. The application for 2016-17 is already available from 1st July, so hurry.
EFWA Scholarships for Women in Accounting
Women who are pursuing accounting degrees can avail grants from the Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting awards. Post-graduate, graduate and undergraduate women are eligible for the scholarship program. Grant amount of $1,000 to $2,000 are awarded to deserving candidates who have a minimum of 3.0 cumulative GPA.  There are different criteria for each scholarship program.
Undergraduate scholarships include
Women in need-awarded $2,000 every year for two years for women completing sophomore year
Women in transition--for newly enrolled women who are awarded up to $16,000 for four-year degree
Moss Adams Foundation-minority women are awarded $1.000 annually for pursuing accounting
Institute of Management Accountants-women studying accounting bachelor degree are awarded $2,000
Michele L.McDonald Memorial-women having children or those returning from their jobs are awarded $1,000 every year
Rhonda J.B. O’Leary Memorial
Graduate scholarships include
Moss Adams Foundation
Institute of Management Accountants
Rhonda J.B. O’Leary Memorial
Post Graduate scholarships include
Laurels Fund-initiated in 1978 to offer scholarships to women studying advanced accounting degrees
If you are a low income earning women apply today for the college scholarship programs and accomplish your educational dreams.

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4 August 2016

Get Your Free Personal Money Grants To Pay Off All Essential Bills And Debts

There can be innumerable essential personal needs but financial constraints can pose hurdles in accomplishing them. Low-income families often require funds or cash assistance to fulfill their personal requirements. If you are one of them, then simply apply for grants and free money from the government, private organizations, accredited organizations, and nonprofits. As much as $50,000 is granted every year to eligible applicants to pull them out their crisis situations.

It’s all free money; you never need to pay them back. So, hurry and apply.
Internet Bills: paying off monthly internet bills can be financially challenging for low-income families. However, internet connection is a necessity nowadays especially for school going children and those working from home. Grants are available from the state agencies, the federal government, nonprofits, and internet companies to help you. The Federal Communications Commission, USDA, state plans, programs like Internet Essentials and internet companies like CenturyLink and Comcast can assist you with your internet bills.

money to pay for home utility bills

Roof and Window Replacement: house maintenance is important for the security and comfort of residents. Occasionally some replacements are required due to damage but the expenses can be unfeasible for low-income families. If your window or roof is damaged then worry not, there are grants to help you with your expenses.
To replace your windows, apply for Weatherization Assistance Program, Self-Help Homeownership Opportunity Program, Energy Star Incentive Program, High Energy Cost Grant Program, State Grants and nonprofit assistance programs.
Similarly, for roof replacement, you can apply for The Housing Preservation Grant, Weatherization Assistance Program, Single Family Housing Repair Grants and Single Family Residential Rehabilitation Program (SFRRP).
Groceries: if you are in need of free groceries apply for food grants, nutritional assistance and healthy food resources from the federal government. Free food vouchers, meals, and groceries are offered through food grants like Emergency Food Assistance Program, Special Milk Program, National School Lunch Program, SNAP, School Breakfast Program, Food Distribution Program, Food Banks, Child and Adult Care Food Program etc.
Furniture: a furnished house requires furniture for a comfortable stay but purchasing them can be very expensive for families with inadequate income. Well, there are few personal grants for your furniture needs. You may contact the Furniture Bank Association, The Salvation Army, Operation Homefront, Interfaith Human Services, catholic charities and nonprofits for free furniture.

free grants for food and groceries

Car or Automobile: low-income families are eligible for free cars from numerous nonprofit organizations. For your free personal car contact 1-800-Charity Cars, Cars for Careers, Wheels 4 Hope, Habitat for Humanity, Free Charity Cars and others.
Heating Oil and Fuel: if you are running out of heating oil or fuel then you may apply for free heating oil program from home heating oil buying network, Citizen Energy Oil Heat program, LIHEAP, JOE-4-OIL, state agencies, and nonprofits. Elderly and low-income families facing monetary hardships are eligible for free heating oil.
This a short list of available free money for your personal needs. You may also get assistance for water bills, phone bills, home repair services, cable TV bills, clothing etc. Apply today and fulfill all your personal requirements.

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