8 July 2016

Travel With Easy By Applying Online For Transportation Grants-Free Guide

Transportation services in most rural sectors and remote areas are in appalling condition and quite expensive. Waiting in queues for long hours, walking long distances or renting cars can be a big hurdle for people with special needs, pregnant moms, and elderly people.

The federal government, state agencies, and nonprofits offer transportation grants for improved services, to help mitigate traveling problems and tackle the expenses. The grants have made commuting easy and significantly reduced transportation bills. Some of the grants to apply are listed, let’s have a look.

Transportation for Disabled and Elderly Population
The grant program offers funds to states that are later allocated to public agencies and private nonprofit organizations to offer transportation assistance to physically impaired and elderly people. In rural sectors or in inner cities transportation can be a big hassle or expensive to afford. Transportation grants are disbursed to tackle these problems.
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The funds are granted to eligible applicants based on a state’s population. The state here is the direct recipient and nonprofits and government agencies (in case there’s no nonprofit) are the sub-recipients.
Job Access and Reverse Commute Program (JARC)
Most low-income families residing in rural sectors far off from the main cities need to struggle to continue their job or even hunt for jobs. Many offices located in cities and urban areas require spending long hours at work, have midnight shifts or work on weekends that require prompt transportation services. Inner cities have poor transit services that pose hurdles in commuting regularly. Access to other work like traveling multiple destinations, reaching childcare centers, marketing can be challenging with no or reduced transportation facilities.
Grants are hence disbursed to offer to and fro transport to financially constrained office-going people. These grants are given through state agencies, nonprofits, local agencies and public transportation operators.
New Freedom Program
According to a survey report, only 60% of disabled people between 16-64 years are employed. Lack of proper transport facilities restricts specially abled people to commute to work resulting in lower employment rates among them. The New Freedom grant program seeks to eliminate these barriers by expanding transport options and services for the disabled.
Contact your state agency, public agency and nonprofit organizations for help.
State Department of Transportation
Most states offer transportation assistance to low-income people for easy commute and reduced expenses. States like New York, Hawaii, California, Pennsylvania, Washington and others have free or low-cost transportation facilities for underprivileged people, senior citizens and disabled. If renting cars or availing public transport seems expensive then seek assistance from DOT for free commute to clinics, hospitals, job appointments, office, college, shopping, educational training centers. Visit your state's department of transportation for details about eligibility factors and application process.
You may also apply for free cars with nonprofit organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Free Charity Cars, Wheels for Work, Salvation Army, and others. Start applying for the transportation grants and travel with ease.

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