29 July 2016

Grants to Pay Bills While in College-Free Money For Higher Education

Are you a college student struggling to pay off your monthly bills and college expenses? Well, why to worry when you have grants to compensate for your expenditure. Federal grants, free money from state agencies and assistance programs from nonprofits, community action agencies and counties help in paying bills.
Apply for the grants to pay bills and pursue your dreams of higher education.

Educational Grants
The most important are the educational expenses that are exorbitantly high to afford for any student from low-income earning family. Grants are hence given to discourage dropouts and encourage meritorious students to get enrolled in college and attain higher degrees. The federal educational grants compensate for college tuition expenses, books, hostel fees and other academic costs. Apply for your educational grants like:
Federal Pell Grant
Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants (FSEOG)
Academic Competitiveness Grants (ACG)
Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH)
Grants to Pay Bills While in College
A large number of recognized foundations and public or private organizations give scholarships to students from deprived families to encourage enthusiastic learners to pursue their educational goals. The scholarships are given to single mothers, disabled students, financially constrained students, Hispanics and African-American students. Few important scholarship programs to apply for:
Hispanic Scholarship Fund
The Google Scholarship Program
Gates Millennium Scholars
Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarship
Allegra Ford Thomas Scholarship
Jeanette Rankin Foundation
Internet Bill Grants
Well, the internet is a primary necessity even for all, even for students. A lot of online research work, college projects, assignments, and homework require the internet assistance. Though it’s inevitable yet paying off the monthly internet bills can be unaffordable for many. Internet bills grants are available from USDA, state government, Federal Communications Commission and local government offices. You can also contact internet companies like CenturyLink and Comcast or your own internet company for payment plan options and any compensation alternatives.
Transportation Grants
Traveling to and fro from college to home can be expensive for students. Public transport, car renting or availing private transport can be expensive for students journeying from remote areas. There are few transportation grants available to assist college going students.
U.S. Department of Transportation Grants
State Department Of Transportation Grants
Transportation for Elderly and Persons with Disabilities Program
Bus Livability Initiative Program
Electricity Bills
Paying off monthly utility bills seems quite unfeasible for students from disadvantaged families. Electricity is necessary for uninterrupted work or studies but the exorbitant bills are tough to afford hence grants are allocated by the government, state agencies, utility companies, and nonprofits. Contact your utility company to know about flexible payment plans, free energy audit, and special winter protection plans. You may apply for grants like:
Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
LIHEAP Crisis Program
Weatherization Assistance Program
Utility Relief Grant
Start applying for the grants to pay bills and pursue your college education with no more worries about money or expenses.

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28 July 2016

How to Get Free Personal Grant-Steps to Apply For Personal Grants Online

Every year billions of dollars are disbursed by the government and private foundations in the form of grants to low-income families. These are free money for you to help with your personal needs like housing bills, home repair needs, utility bills, transportation, college education, day care, maternity needs, food and other essential needs of senior citizens, single mothers, disabled and Veterans.
The grant application procedure is quite simple and uncomplicated. You just need to follow certain laid down procedures and rules and who knows you might be the lucky one to receive $50,000 free personal grant money. Start applying soon.

Steps to Apply for Personal Grants
Begin browsing your internet for all the information available. Make a thorough research about the best accessible grant resources, follow the stated guidelines, keep an eye on the deadline and begin to apply for the government grants:
Apply For Personal Grants Online
The Grants.gov. is the best and authentic government registered site that offers an exhaustive information about your required grant program. Thoroughly search the site for all the important information and grant programs that you may apply for
You will find names of 26 agencies enlisted by the government that offer grants to depressed families. Registration is compulsory before applying for the grant, so first register
To begin searching key in your search term i.e. the keyword and note the details of the grant. You may also search by categories or by codes such as Funding Opportunity Number, Funding Opportunity Competition ID or Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance.
Select the needed grant program and read the synopsis. Download a grant application form available in the PDF format and fill it up carefully reading the guidelines. Fill all the mandatory fields. Keep in mind, DO NOT use special characters like asterisks (*), hyphens (-), percent signs (%), Octothorpes (#), Virgules (/), Ampersands (&) and accent marks or blank spaces
Look out for the DUNS number i.e. The Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number which is an identification number of nine digits. Before you submit your application check for any errors or any left out information. Keep in mind:
How to Get Free Personal Grant
All the important paperwork, documents, and credentials must be attached
> The papers must be arranged in order of requirement and all cross checked
> Attachment file should not exceed 50 characters and must have no special characters
> Compress file if there is any video, audio or graphic image
> Follow all the rules of the government agency that offers the grant for attaching the files
Very Important-note down the tracking number, you will later need it to track the application
2 emails will be sent to you as a notification within 2 business days, the first for receiving the application and second to inform whether it is validated or rejected.
Now that you’re aware of the rules why wait? Start applying and hey good news, you may apply as many times you wish. Now get free personal grant money to accomplish your essential needs.

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14 July 2016

Obama Grants For Debt Relief-Monetary Assistance From Government Online

Debt relief grants are a welcome relief for families facing the monetary crisis or those living at poverty level. Meager income levels and low savings can cause financial loss and heavy debts. Well, this can be really daunting due to nonpayment of bills, disconnection of services or discontinuation of avails. Moreover, credit collectors dunning you every day also isn’t a much comfortable situation.
Wanna get rid of your debts? The Obama debt relief grants are the easiest way to pull yourself out of debts. Apply for the debt relief grant programs by the government, states, private organizations and nonprofits for free money that you never have to pay back.

Some Important Points for You
Before you too excited about these debt relief grants lemme first warn you about scams and false declarations that assure you of relieving from debts. Know it for sure that the federal government, states or counties DO NOT provide any debt relief grants or funds to clear your dues. Confused? Well, you can get grants, benefit programs and financial assistance for your needs that can relieve you from incurring debts. Alternatively, you can save from the grants to compensate for debts. Don’t forget to check with nonprofits, private organizations and charities in times of emergency; even they can assist with free money.
free money for debt relief
Glimpse through some Obama debt relief grants that you may apply for.
Educational Grants:
Educational grants can be too expensive to afford; tuition, hostel, transport, books, and other academic expenses can be unfeasible for low-income families. Well, why to worry about debts when you have educational grants. Also, don’t forget to apply for grants and scholarship programs from private organizations and nonprofits. Few grants to apply right now are:
Federal Pell Grant
Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education Grants
Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants
Women’s Independence Scholarship Program (WISP)
Soroptimist Live Your Dream Award
Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund
Federal Work Study-Program
Food Grants:
Heavy debts can minimize your access to nutritional food but with food grants you can forgo all your worries. Food grants like Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Food and Nutrition Service, Special Milk Program, The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP), Food Distribution Program, School Breakfast Program, Global Fund for Women etc can assist in availing healthy foods even if you are running out of money.
Telephone and Water Bill Grants:
Your debts might restrict you from paying your monthly telephone and water bills. Get water bill grants like H2O Help to Others Program, The Low Income Payment Program (LIPP) and assistance from American Water Corporate to get over debts.
For telephone bills get help from the Lifeline benefit program, Linkup program or get in touch with the state social service agency. Your local telephone companies can also offer assistance.
Credit Card Bill Debts
If you have high credit card bills that are impossible to pay off then contact debt management companies, credit card companies, local governments and banks for benefit programs like debt restructuring, debt management plans, and forbearance programs. Clear your credit card debts with these debt relief programs.
Get rid of debts soon. Start applying for Obama grants for debt relief and lead a debt free life.

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8 July 2016

Travel With Easy By Applying Online For Transportation Grants-Free Guide

Transportation services in most rural sectors and remote areas are in appalling condition and quite expensive. Waiting in queues for long hours, walking long distances or renting cars can be a big hurdle for people with special needs, pregnant moms, and elderly people.
The federal government, state agencies, and nonprofits offer transportation grants for improved services, to help mitigate traveling problems and tackle the expenses. The grants have made commuting easy and significantly reduced transportation bills. Some of the grants to apply are listed, let’s have a look.

Transportation for Disabled and Elderly Population
The grant program offers funds to states that are later allocated to public agencies and private nonprofit organizations to offer transportation assistance to physically impaired and elderly people. In rural sectors or in inner cities transportation can be a big hassle or expensive to afford. Transportation grants are disbursed to tackle these problems.
apply for free car assistamce
The funds are granted to eligible applicants based on a state’s population. The state here is the direct recipient and nonprofits and government agencies (in case there’s no nonprofit) are the sub-recipients.
Job Access and Reverse Commute Program (JARC)
Most low-income families residing in rural sectors far off from the main cities need to struggle to continue their job or even hunt for jobs. Many offices located in cities and urban areas require spending long hours at work, have midnight shifts or work on weekends that require prompt transportation services. Inner cities have poor transit services that pose hurdles in commuting regularly. Access to other work like traveling multiple destinations, reaching childcare centers, marketing can be challenging with no or reduced transportation facilities.
Grants are hence disbursed to offer to and fro transport to financially constrained office-going people. These grants are given through state agencies, nonprofits, local agencies and public transportation operators.
New Freedom Program
According to a survey report, only 60% of disabled people between 16-64 years are employed. Lack of proper transport facilities restricts specially abled people to commute to work resulting in lower employment rates among them. The New Freedom grant program seeks to eliminate these barriers by expanding transport options and services for the disabled.
Contact your state agency, public agency and nonprofit organizations for help.
State Department of Transportation
Most states offer transportation assistance to low-income people for easy commute and reduced expenses. States like New York, Hawaii, California, Pennsylvania, Washington and others have free or low-cost transportation facilities for underprivileged people, senior citizens and disabled. If renting cars or availing public transport seems expensive then seek assistance from DOT for free commute to clinics, hospitals, job appointments, office, college, shopping, educational training centers. Visit your state's department of transportation for details about eligibility factors and application process.
You may also apply for free cars with nonprofit organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Free Charity Cars, Wheels for Work, Salvation Army, and others. Start applying for the transportation grants and travel with ease.

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1 July 2016

Apply Free Grants Assistance Online For Low Income Disabled Individuals

People with special needs require constant assistance to accomplish their daily requirements and move ahead even with financial limitations. Nonprofits, accredited organizations, the government and community agencies allocate grants got disabled people to help them overcome monetary hardships and fulfill their needs. Special disability grants are available to assist in every sector. Read about the varied grants and apply for your free money.

Housing Grants
A permanent and secure home is an indispensable need for all. Constant shifting, poor living conditions, evictions or homelessness can be tough for disabled people but the financial crisis is a big hurdle for home purchasing. Grants are available from the federal government, nonprofit organizations and community agencies that can help pay off housing bills, due rents and get a secured shelter. Apply for housing grants like:
free grants for disabled individuals
Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
Supplemental Security Income
Easter Seals Disability Services
Community Development Block Grant Program
Public Housing Program
US Department of Agriculture
Nonprofits like Habitat for Humanity, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Salvation Army, Fannie Mae, Habitat for Humanity, Mercy Housing, Catholic charities, CoAbode
Home Repair Grants
Sometimes home modifications are essential for people with special needs. It facilitates in better accessibility and mobility for them. Special repairs are also needed for improved adaptations like making wide doorways, installing wheelchair ramps or making slopes. These can be real expensive hence home repair grants are provided for disabled people to compensate for the expenses. You may apply for grants like:
Urgent Repair Program
Displacement Prevention Partnership
Single-Family Rehabilitation Program
Disability Resource Center (ADRC)
State Housing Finance Agencies
National Resource Center on Supportive Housing and Home Modification
Nonprofits like NeighborWorks, Habitat for Humanity, Rebuilding Together
College Grants
Pursuing higher education can be challenging for students with financial limitations. Physical or mentally challenged students require higher degrees for better job opportunities and self-sufficiency. To support the educational costs of specially-abled students the federal government every year disburses college grants that compensate for college fees, tuition fees, books, hostel rents, transportation and other academic needs. Even universities, colleges and accredited organizations offer grants and scholarships to exceptional students. The college grants to apply for:
Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
Federal Trio Programs of U.S. Department of Education
Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant
Comprehensive Transition And Postsecondary (CTP) Program

medical grants for disabled people
Medical Grants To Pay Bills
People with special needs require medical attention, regular checkups, medicines and doctor visits for their well being. However, medical costs can be exorbitantly high and almost unaffordable for those with monetary constrains. Medical grants are hence disbursed at the state and county level to assist deprived families and disabled people seeking for support. Contact your community agency and get your medical grants like:
Federal Government Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)
Family Medicine Cares the USA
Help from nonprofits like United Way, Community Action Organizations, American Red Cross, Net Wish etc
The list of grants is endless, you can also avail assistance for transportation, utility bills, food and groceries, insurance and cash grants. Apply for the grants for disabled people to get financially supported for your needs.

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