6 June 2016

Pay Off Your Utility Bills Through Free Grants Online-Various Utility Grants

A home needs to be occasionally upgraded and renovated for energy efficiency, safety and comfort. However, most low-income earning families struggle to make ends meet and compensate for their monthly or quarterly bills. Exorbitant utility bills can be a matter of concern for low-income earners as due bills or non-payment can lead to disconnection of services. 

Well, now you can avail federal grants to pay utility bills and get free services even with a pinching pocket. Contact your state, county, and nonprofit organizations for up-gradation, weatherization and utility bill payment services. Now pay your utility bills and enjoy the benefits.
Benefits of Utility Services
Weatherization reduces energy bills for several years. The heating and cooling weatherization save energy for at least 10-15 years while insulation of walls and roof give guaranteed 30 years of savings
Weatherization by professionals ensures safety for old buildings and houses
Free services are offered by the grants for services like up-gradation of the electrical system, electricity consuming appliances and heating-cooling system. So it’s the ‘whole house weatherization’ program.

Pay Off Your Utility Bills Through Free Grants
Federal Grants for Utility Bills
The Weatherization Assistance Program
Low-income families can avail energy efficiency assistance through WAP for reduced energy bills. The grants are disbursed to state governments, nonprofits and community agencies that are later allocated to eligible families seeking weatherization services. Administered by the U.S. Department of Energy, the WAP provides services like energy saving measures, weather stripping, wall and attic insulation, minor home repairs and up-gradation work using the latest technology. For almost 4 decades WAP has been involved in improving the livings conditions of millions of families.
The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) Grant
LIHEAP supports monetarily restricted families struggling to pay their home energy needs. It directly pays the utility companies. It’s a cash grant that offsets the cooling and heating costs of low-income families unable to pay their utility bills. LIHEAP also grants weatherization services for energy efficiency and reduced bills.
LIHEAP Crisis Program
The LIHEAP Crisis Grant offers financial assistance in emergency situations like broken equipment, fuel shortage, leaking lines, heating source blockage, insufficient heating oil or utility services terminated. The payouts are made directly to the energy company against the unpaid bills. Contact your local county assistance office to apply for the grant program.
home energy assistance for low income
State Utility Grants
Every state has federally approved grant programs and resources that can finance for utility bills and compensate for heating-cooling bills. Most states have laws that can restrict utility companies from terminating their services even if payments are due. Contact the state government for electricity bill reduction, energy saving techniques, disconnection or unpaid bills.
If you need help with the energy crisis, due bills, home up-gradation or weatherization services contact your state and local authorities or the U.S. Department of Energy for immediate assistance. You may also look for nonprofits, catholic charities, and community agencies to pay off bills. Apply today for the federal grants for utility bills; have a cozy home to live in.

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