4 June 2016

How to Apply For Free Grants Money-Steps to Apply For Grants Onilne

The U.S. government offers federal grants to low-income families, single mothers, nonprofit organizations, and associations. The grants serve as a financial aid to deprived families and needy people for an improved standard of living and better society. However, applying for the grants involve series of steps and extensive research work.

Let’s have a look at the essential steps to apply for federal grants
Make Research: make a list of your needs that require financial assistance or grants. These can be housing, home repair, education, utility, daycare, medical, food, transportation, bill payments or debt clearance etc. Now begin with both online and offline research work for the availability of grants, eligibility criteria, application procedures, deadlines and documentation work. For exhaustive information on all the government grants and online application, processes refer to Grants.gov site. A complete know-how is important.

Online Grant Application: to apply online visit Grants.gov and key in your grant search term to begin searching. Note the Funding Opportunity Number of the federal grant. You may search by keywords, government search codes, funding categories or opportunities. Study the synopsis of the grant program and mark the eligibility criteria needed to qualify for the federal grant.
Check all the required documents, credentials, records and other essential details. Also, make note of the deadline for submission of applications. You can now download the grant application form.
applying online for free grants
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Get Registered: first, get registered with Grants.gov to apply for your grants. Remember to apply in the individual grants section as it’s a personal grant and also note your own username and password. Organizations have different application procedure; they require Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number (nine digit identification number).
Proposal Letter: write an appealing and error-free proposal letter justifying the need for the grant money and its usage. A proposal letter gets you noticed and selected for a grant hence it requires a valid explanation and engaging write-up.
Re-checking: before submitting your application ensure all essential credentials and documents are provided, all papers are verified and arranged in order and the audio and video or image files are compressed (if any). Remember attachment file names should not have -, &,*, /, #, or periods, accent marks, any special characters or blank spaces. You can use underscore.
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Follow up: keep a track of the notification e-mails sent to you by the Grants.gov. 2 e-mails will be sent-one for receiving your sent application and second stating the acceptance or rejection of the application. If your proposal is accepted then you will get 2 other e-mails-one sent by the concerned agency and the other stating your personal tracking number to help you track your application.
getting free government grants money
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Talk to nonprofits: if you can’t qualify for government grants seek assistance from nonprofits, charities, churches and local agencies. There are more than 100 nonprofit organizations in the US committed to render services.
If rejected then you may apply again. Follow the vital steps and apply for your federal grants.

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