29 June 2016

Government Offers Home Energy And Utility Grant Programs For Bill Payment

Exorbitant utility bills can be a big challenge for low-income families with moderate savings. Paying off heating, cooling expenses and other energy costs can be tough for families living at poverty level hence financial assistance is provided to help them.

The federal government, utility companies, nonprofits, state government and community agencies disburse grants to pay utility bills. Read about the grants and start applying for monetary aid.

Grants from Utility Companies
If you are in need of quick help for utility bills seek assistance from your utility company. Every utility company has financial assistance programs, subsidized rates for services and payment plans that facilitate in paying off bills on time. Let’s have a look at them.
Water Bill Programs: American Water is the largest US water utility company that offers water bill programs for struggling families. H2O Help to Others and Low Income Payment Program are the two essential plans for assistance that offer $500 grant money for bill payment and 20% discount on the water bills respectively.
Restructuring of Payment Plans: most utility companies have restructuring payment plans making it more flexible for low-income families to manage their utility bills. You can now plan your expenses and payments according to your need.
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Special Winter Protection Plans: several low-income families suffer disconnection of heating services in the winters. Contact your utility company that has special programs to prevent disconnection even if your payments are due. If you have aged people, sick members or kids at home then you stand a better chance.
Government Programs: the federal government also offers energy grant programs to utility companies that help with bill payments, up-gradation services, and reduced energy rates.
Free Energy Audit: energy audit is essential for reduced utility bills. Contact your utility company for free energy audit assistance. Their service agent will inspect your house for energy consumption and the equipment used. Get their professional feedback and advice on home up-gradation or any replacement work that can help in reducing energy costs. Some utility companies also provide financial assistance for home up-gradation services.
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Federal Grants
The federal government also provides utility grants for monetarily deprived families that are disbursed through state governments and counties. Have a look at the grants.
The Weatherization Assistance Program: low-income families get services like wall and attic insulation, weather stripping, minor home repairs and energy saving measures for reducing bills and making homes energy efficient.
The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)Grant: it offers two categories of services: low-income individuals can avail weatherization services for energy efficiency and/or receive funds to offset the cooling and heating costs.
LIHEAP Crisis Program: disadvantaged families facing disconnection may apply for the program. The due payments are directly paid out to the energy companies.
The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP): families requiring finance to pay off utility bills can get resources through HEAP to compensate for the heating-cooling bills.
Start applying for grants to pay bills and avail heating and cooling services for a safe and comfortable living.

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