22 June 2016

Free Grants Money to Pay Bills-Get Rid Of All Debts and Financial Worries

Are you financially crunched and now stuck with your monthly bill payments? Well, there many such families facing serious monetary crisis and trapped in huge debts. For low-income families paying off the monthly or quarterly bills can be a daunting task as nonpayment might cause disconnection or interruption of services.

The government, nonprofits, state agencies, recognized companies and organizations offer financial assistance and free money to pay bills and clear your dues. There is a huge list of grant programs that you may apply for. Start applying now!
Water Bills
Water is the prime necessity of life but for low-income families paying off the bills can be tough. Water companies, the federal government, state agencies, and nonprofits offer water bill grants, installment programs, payment plans and discounts. The American Water Corporate, the largest water utility company in the US, assists low-income families with water bill payments. You may also opt for other programs like The Low Income Payment Program (LIPP) and H2O Help to Others Program for assistance. Nonprofits like American Red Cross, Salvation Army, and Net Wish can also be approached.
free money to pay bills
Telephone Bills
Monthly telephone bills can be expensive for low-income families but it’s an essential means of communication. If your telephone bills are pending there’s a possibility of disconnection of services. So why wait, look for free money to pay bills.

The federal Communications Commission’s Universal Service Fund offers Lifeline benefit program, a government supported program that provides discounted services for both landline and cell phones. To apply visit the Lifeline website. You can also apply for Linkup (a telephone assistance program) or contact your state social service agency and/or local telephone companies for discounts, installation payment schemes, reduced setup fees and zero percent interest loans.
Electricity Bills
Monthly utility bills claim a major portion of the savings and paying them off can be quite intimidating. Disadvantaged families can now seek economic support from federal utility grants, state grants, utility companies and nonprofits.
The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), LIHEAP Crisis Program, The Weatherization Assistance Program and Utility Relief Grant are some of the government supported grants that can offset your heating & cooling bills and compensate for electricity bills. You may also contact your utility companies for flexible payment plans, special winter protection plans, and free energy audit.
free money to pay utility bills
Paying off exorbitant hospital bills, lab test bills, doctor visits or medical bills are almost unfeasible for economically deprived families. If you are also stuck with your medical bills then get your free money from federal grants, nonprofits, and state agencies. Medicaid and Medicare, United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Federal Government Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), Pregnant Women Support Act, Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) are some of the government programs to apply for. You may also seek help from nonprofits like American Red Cross, Jewish Federation of North America and Net Wish.
Start applying now and get your free grants to pay bills. Get rid of all debts and financial worries.

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