29 June 2016

Government Offers Home Energy And Utility Grant Programs For Bill Payment

Exorbitant utility bills can be a big challenge for low-income families with moderate savings. Paying off heating, cooling expenses and other energy costs can be tough for families living at poverty level hence financial assistance is provided to help them.
The federal government, utility companies, nonprofits, state government and community agencies disburse grants to pay utility bills. Read about the grants and start applying for monetary aid.

Grants from Utility Companies
If you are in need of quick help for utility bills seek assistance from your utility company. Every utility company has financial assistance programs, subsidized rates for services and payment plans that facilitate in paying off bills on time. Let’s have a look at them.
Water Bill Programs: American Water is the largest US water utility company that offers water bill programs for struggling families. H2O Help to Others and Low Income Payment Program are the two essential plans for assistance that offer $500 grant money for bill payment and 20% discount on the water bills respectively.
Restructuring of Payment Plans: most utility companies have restructuring payment plans making it more flexible for low-income families to manage their utility bills. You can now plan your expenses and payments according to your need.
grants money to pay utility bills
Special Winter Protection Plans: several low-income families suffer disconnection of heating services in the winters. Contact your utility company that has special programs to prevent disconnection even if your payments are due. If you have aged people, sick members or kids at home then you stand a better chance.
Government Programs: the federal government also offers energy grant programs to utility companies that help with bill payments, up-gradation services, and reduced energy rates.
Free Energy Audit: energy audit is essential for reduced utility bills. Contact your utility company for free energy audit assistance. Their service agent will inspect your house for energy consumption and the equipment used. Get their professional feedback and advice on home up-gradation or any replacement work that can help in reducing energy costs. Some utility companies also provide financial assistance for home up-gradation services.
apply online for utility grants

Federal Grants
The federal government also provides utility grants for monetarily deprived families that are disbursed through state governments and counties. Have a look at the grants.
The Weatherization Assistance Program: low-income families get services like wall and attic insulation, weather stripping, minor home repairs and energy saving measures for reducing bills and making homes energy efficient.
The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)Grant: it offers two categories of services: low-income individuals can avail weatherization services for energy efficiency and/or receive funds to offset the cooling and heating costs.
LIHEAP Crisis Program: disadvantaged families facing disconnection may apply for the program. The due payments are directly paid out to the energy companies.
The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP): families requiring finance to pay off utility bills can get resources through HEAP to compensate for the heating-cooling bills.
Start applying for grants to pay bills and avail heating and cooling services for a safe and comfortable living.

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22 June 2016

Free Grants Money to Pay Bills-Get Rid Of All Debts and Financial Worries

Are you financially crunched and now stuck with your monthly bill payments? Well, there many such families facing serious monetary crisis and trapped in huge debts. For low-income families paying off the monthly or quarterly bills can be a daunting task as nonpayment might cause disconnection or interruption of services.
The government, nonprofits, state agencies, recognized companies and organizations offer financial assistance and free money to pay bills and clear your dues. There is a huge list of grant programs that you may apply for. Start applying now!
Water Bills
Water is the prime necessity of life but for low-income families paying off the bills can be tough. Water companies, the federal government, state agencies, and nonprofits offer water bill grants, installment programs, payment plans and discounts. The American Water Corporate, the largest water utility company in the US, assists low-income families with water bill payments. You may also opt for other programs like The Low Income Payment Program (LIPP) and H2O Help to Others Program for assistance. Nonprofits like American Red Cross, Salvation Army, and Net Wish can also be approached.
free money to pay bills
Telephone Bills
Monthly telephone bills can be expensive for low-income families but it’s an essential means of communication. If your telephone bills are pending there’s a possibility of disconnection of services. So why wait, look for free money to pay bills.

The federal Communications Commission’s Universal Service Fund offers Lifeline benefit program, a government supported program that provides discounted services for both landline and cell phones. To apply visit the Lifeline website. You can also apply for Linkup (a telephone assistance program) or contact your state social service agency and/or local telephone companies for discounts, installation payment schemes, reduced setup fees and zero percent interest loans.
Electricity Bills
Monthly utility bills claim a major portion of the savings and paying them off can be quite intimidating. Disadvantaged families can now seek economic support from federal utility grants, state grants, utility companies and nonprofits.
The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), LIHEAP Crisis Program, The Weatherization Assistance Program and Utility Relief Grant are some of the government supported grants that can offset your heating & cooling bills and compensate for electricity bills. You may also contact your utility companies for flexible payment plans, special winter protection plans, and free energy audit.
free money to pay utility bills
Paying off exorbitant hospital bills, lab test bills, doctor visits or medical bills are almost unfeasible for economically deprived families. If you are also stuck with your medical bills then get your free money from federal grants, nonprofits, and state agencies. Medicaid and Medicare, United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Federal Government Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), Pregnant Women Support Act, Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) are some of the government programs to apply for. You may also seek help from nonprofits like American Red Cross, Jewish Federation of North America and Net Wish.
Start applying now and get your free grants to pay bills. Get rid of all debts and financial worries.

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14 June 2016

Apply Free Personal Grants Online-Money to Fulfill Your Personal Needs

Low income earning families strive hard to manage their expenses and meet their everyday personal needs. Insufficient income levels can be risky in emergency situations hence grants are given to fulfill personal needs like food, house, medical needs, due bill payments, debts etc.
Every year billions of dollars are granted by the government, nonprofits, recognized organizations, community agencies, churches, state and local agencies to families in distress. Over the years, the grant money has enabled in mitigating financial crisis and has helped countless families stand back on feet. Read about the available grants and you can also apply for your personal grant money.

Government Grants
The U.S. government disburses grant money for emergency and/or long-term needs of the deprived families. Grants are allocated to eligible applicants through states, counties, government agencies, nonprofits and accredited organizations. The income levels, family members, needs and other eligibility criteria are first evaluated for grant sanctioning.
applying for personal grants online
However, the important point to note--there is NO personal grant money available, instead, there are grants to financially assist with your personal needs like housing, rent, home repair, utility, day care, clothing, transportation, education, medical needs, groceries, food etc.
In the case of emergency, you may apply for Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) to pay off your expenses. It’s a temporary cash assistance program that offers grant amount up to $50,000 to eligible candidates.
Get exhaustive information about government grants from the Grants.gov site. Visit the site and make a complete research to apply for your personal grant money.
Nonprofit Organizations
U.S. has more than 100 nonprofit organizations that are committed to render support and monetary help in emergency situations. Private foundations like Seattle Foundation offer grant money to nonprofits for housing assistance, homelessness prevention and access to nutritious food for disadvantaged families. Corporate and individual donors also donate funds for low-income families. Amy's Courage Fund is an organization that supports personal expenses like medical costs, moving expenditure, rental costs, utilities, legal payment costs etc of survivors of domestic violence.
You may also seek for your free personal grant money from nonprofit organizations like The Salvation Army, Legal Aid Society, American Red Cross, United Way, Catholic Charities, Fannie Mae, Habitat for Humanity, Mercy Housing, Net Wish, Jewish Federation of North America, Love in the Name of Christ, Free Charity Cars, Cars for Careers, YMCA, UNICEF, CARE USA, Make-A-Wish, Feeding America etc.
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Charities and Churches
Community action agencies (CAA), churches and catholic charities also extend financial support to disadvantaged people. More are 1000 agencies of CAA are present in varied states and counties that are partially financed by the federal government and the funds are allocated by the Community Service Block Grant.
Grants are also accessible to single mothers, disabled people, senior citizens, veterans, and felons. You can now pay off bills and debts and meet your daily needs even with crunched bank balance. Start applying for free personal grant money and overcome your financial crisis to accomplish your needs.

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6 June 2016

Pay Off Your Utility Bills Through Free Grants Online-Various Utility Grants

A home needs to be occasionally upgraded and renovated for energy efficiency, safety and comfort. However, most low-income earning families struggle to make ends meet and compensate for their monthly or quarterly bills. Exorbitant utility bills can be a matter of concern for low-income earners as due bills or non-payment can lead to disconnection of services. 
Well, now you can avail federal grants to pay utility bills and get free services even with a pinching pocket. Contact your state, county, and nonprofit organizations for up-gradation, weatherization and utility bill payment services. Now pay your utility bills and enjoy the benefits.
Benefits of Utility Services
Weatherization reduces energy bills for several years. The heating and cooling weatherization save energy for at least 10-15 years while insulation of walls and roof give guaranteed 30 years of savings
Weatherization by professionals ensures safety for old buildings and houses
Free services are offered by the grants for services like up-gradation of the electrical system, electricity consuming appliances and heating-cooling system. So it’s the ‘whole house weatherization’ program.

Pay Off Your Utility Bills Through Free Grants
Federal Grants for Utility Bills
The Weatherization Assistance Program
Low-income families can avail energy efficiency assistance through WAP for reduced energy bills. The grants are disbursed to state governments, nonprofits and community agencies that are later allocated to eligible families seeking weatherization services. Administered by the U.S. Department of Energy, the WAP provides services like energy saving measures, weather stripping, wall and attic insulation, minor home repairs and up-gradation work using the latest technology. For almost 4 decades WAP has been involved in improving the livings conditions of millions of families.
The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) Grant
LIHEAP supports monetarily restricted families struggling to pay their home energy needs. It directly pays the utility companies. It’s a cash grant that offsets the cooling and heating costs of low-income families unable to pay their utility bills. LIHEAP also grants weatherization services for energy efficiency and reduced bills.
LIHEAP Crisis Program
The LIHEAP Crisis Grant offers financial assistance in emergency situations like broken equipment, fuel shortage, leaking lines, heating source blockage, insufficient heating oil or utility services terminated. The payouts are made directly to the energy company against the unpaid bills. Contact your local county assistance office to apply for the grant program.
home energy assistance for low income
State Utility Grants
Every state has federally approved grant programs and resources that can finance for utility bills and compensate for heating-cooling bills. Most states have laws that can restrict utility companies from terminating their services even if payments are due. Contact the state government for electricity bill reduction, energy saving techniques, disconnection or unpaid bills.
If you need help with the energy crisis, due bills, home up-gradation or weatherization services contact your state and local authorities or the U.S. Department of Energy for immediate assistance. You may also look for nonprofits, catholic charities, and community agencies to pay off bills. Apply today for the federal grants for utility bills; have a cozy home to live in.

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4 June 2016

How to Apply For Free Grants Money-Steps to Apply For Grants Onilne

The U.S. government offers federal grants to low-income families, single mothers, nonprofit organizations, and associations. The grants serve as a financial aid to deprived families and needy people for an improved standard of living and better society. However, applying for the grants involve series of steps and extensive research work.
Let’s have a look at the essential steps to apply for federal grants
Make Research: make a list of your needs that require financial assistance or grants. These can be housing, home repair, education, utility, daycare, medical, food, transportation, bill payments or debt clearance etc. Now begin with both online and offline research work for the availability of grants, eligibility criteria, application procedures, deadlines and documentation work. For exhaustive information on all the government grants and online application, processes refer to Grants.gov site. A complete know-how is important.

Online Grant Application: to apply online visit Grants.gov and key in your grant search term to begin searching. Note the Funding Opportunity Number of the federal grant. You may search by keywords, government search codes, funding categories or opportunities. Study the synopsis of the grant program and mark the eligibility criteria needed to qualify for the federal grant.
Check all the required documents, credentials, records and other essential details. Also, make note of the deadline for submission of applications. You can now download the grant application form.
applying online for free grants
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Get Registered: first, get registered with Grants.gov to apply for your grants. Remember to apply in the individual grants section as it’s a personal grant and also note your own username and password. Organizations have different application procedure; they require Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number (nine digit identification number).
Proposal Letter: write an appealing and error-free proposal letter justifying the need for the grant money and its usage. A proposal letter gets you noticed and selected for a grant hence it requires a valid explanation and engaging write-up.
Re-checking: before submitting your application ensure all essential credentials and documents are provided, all papers are verified and arranged in order and the audio and video or image files are compressed (if any). Remember attachment file names should not have -, &,*, /, #, or periods, accent marks, any special characters or blank spaces. You can use underscore.
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Follow up: keep a track of the notification e-mails sent to you by the Grants.gov. 2 e-mails will be sent-one for receiving your sent application and second stating the acceptance or rejection of the application. If your proposal is accepted then you will get 2 other e-mails-one sent by the concerned agency and the other stating your personal tracking number to help you track your application.
getting free government grants money
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Talk to nonprofits: if you can’t qualify for government grants seek assistance from nonprofits, charities, churches and local agencies. There are more than 100 nonprofit organizations in the US committed to render services.
If rejected then you may apply again. Follow the vital steps and apply for your federal grants.

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