19 May 2016

5 Medical Grants to Pay Off All Your Medical Expenses And Due Bills

Medical needs are essential but the exorbitant expenses consume a major chunk of the income leading to substantial loss of savings. A sudden medical emergency can take a toll on financially deprived families, causing huge debts. The situation can be scarier without any medical insurance to cover the costs.

The U.S. government, institutes, states, and counties disburse federal grants to pay medical bills that cover up the expenses, medical costs and pay for medical insurance. Learn about the federal medical grants and start applying today.

List Of Free Grants for Medical Bills
Medicaid and Medicare: these are social insurance programs funded by the federal and state government to assist financially challenged families with their medical expenses. Medicaid pertains to all - children, adults, single parents, disabled people, seniors etc. Medicare is specifically for low income earning senior citizens above 65 years of age.
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Free Grants for Medical Bills
Early Head Start: low income earning families having expecting mothers, babies, and toddlers (till 3 years) can avail medical assistance from the Early Head Start. Pregnant moms can receive prenatal care that aids in monitoring the growth and healthy development of the baby.
Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP): it’s a health insurance grant program administered by the United States Department of Health and Human Services. Low-income families with children having no medical insurance to compensate medical costs can apply for CHIP. If you cannot qualify for Medicaid then apply for CHIP that is funded by the federal government and states.
State and Local Assistance Grants: the federal government allocates grants money to state and local governments for medical assistance. States have free community clinics, free health care programs and health care centers that host medical checkups, offer medicines and health support services free of cost to monetarily deprived families. Uninsured, under-insured and below poverty level applicants are entitled to discounts, dental checkups, free medicines, eyeglasses, doctor checkups at no cost. Visit the Healthcare.gov site to get federal grants to pay medical bills.
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Pregnant Women Support Act: Also referred as the Pregnancy Assistance Fund, the Pregnant Women Support Act offers medical grants to poor and needy expecting mothers for a healthy pregnancy experience. Administered by the Office of Adolescent Health, the grant program helps pregnant teenager moms to pursue their high school studies and/or post-secondary degrees for better job opportunities and financial stability. Mothers who have been victims of abuse or domestic violence may seek assistance from the grant program and find alternatives to abortion.
Besides these, there are many other federal grants to pay medical bills-Maternal and Child Health Services Block Grant, Co-pay assistance plans, Free and Low-Cost Health Insurance etc. You may also seek medical support from the Department of Human Resources or Department of Public Welfare, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies and nonprofit organizations like American Red Cross, United Way, Jewish Federation of North America, Salvation Army, Net Wish, The Aubrey Rose Foundation, and many others. If you have overdue bills and debts, start applying for federal grants to pay medical bills.

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