24 May 2016

New Available Grants For Senior Citizens 2016-Apply Online For Free Money

A vast population of senior citizens in U.S. lives on fixed income and low savings that restrict them from leading a basic standard of living. By 2030, it is estimated that almost 72.1 million elderly people will be residing in the country. They hence require financial support to mitigate the dearth of funds and live a well-accomplished life.Read through the article and learn about the varied federal grants for senior citizens that have been supporting thousands of lives over the years.
Regular medical attention is a necessity for senior citizens but bearing the expenses can be un affordable for retired people. Moreover, emergency medical situations, hospital bills, lab tests, insurance payments and others can be exorbitantly high for senior citizens. Medical grants are available that cover majority of the expenditure and offer free health checkups.

Senior Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP), Medicare and Medicaid, health insurance counseling, free community healthcare clinics, prescription drug coverage (pays for 50% of the bills), free medical transportation for hospital/clinic visits, attendant services, medical equipment etc are some of the medical grant programs for senior citizens. For any health queries or medical assistance, you can also call Senior Medicare Hotline.

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Housing Grants For Rental Bills
Housing rents, loans or mortgages have been constantly escalating over the years making it worse for low-income earners to purchase or rent a home. For senior citizens with no or restricted income, the situation is tougher as it might lead to evictions and homelessness. Federal housing grants, disbursed by states, counties and community agencies, have helped monetarily challenged senior citizens acquire affordable homes and pay off rents and mortgages.
Housing grant programs like USDA Section 515 Multi-Family Housing, HUD Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly Program, Mortgage Insurance-Rental Housing for the Elderly, Public Housing, Congregate Housing Services Program, Medicaid Home, and Community Based Services, Multifamily Subsidized Housing have helped secure affordable and safe shelter for many senior citizens.
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Food and Grocery Grants
Limited income restricts aged people from consuming healthy food, forcing them to be at nutritional risk. To promote nutritive food consumption the federal government disburses food and grocery grants that offer food at free or reduced price. The grant programs offer home-delivered meals for homebound seniors, food at reduced price, food vouchers, special meal sites to apply for food grants, food for their pets like dogs and cats etc. Federal food grant programs include Meals on Wheels, Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP), Healthy meals and groceries from United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), congregate meals, the Nutrition Services Incentive Program etc.

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Home Repair Grants
Home modification, up-gradation, and repairing are important for secured and comfortable living but fixed income levels may restrict maintenance work. The federal government allocates home repairing grants to eligible senior citizens that financially compensate for the expenses.
Community Block Development Grants by HUD, Very Low Income Housing Repair Program by USDA, Weatherization programs like The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) Grant, Weatherization Assistance Program, Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) and individual state home repair grants are some of the funding programs that assist in revamping work.

There is an endless list of federal grants for senior citizens---transportation grants, Capital Assistance Program, Foster Grandparent Program, Mortgage Insurance, grants from counties, nonprofits, agencies etc. Start applying now!

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19 May 2016

5 Medical Grants to Pay Off All Your Medical Expenses And Due Bills

Medical needs are essential but the exorbitant expenses consume a major chunk of the income leading to substantial loss of savings. A sudden medical emergency can take a toll on financially deprived families, causing huge debts. The situation can be scarier without any medical insurance to cover the costs.
The U.S. government, institutes, states, and counties disburse federal grants to pay medical bills that cover up the expenses, medical costs and pay for medical insurance. Learn about the federal medical grants and start applying today.

List Of Free Grants for Medical Bills
Medicaid and Medicare: these are social insurance programs funded by the federal and state government to assist financially challenged families with their medical expenses. Medicaid pertains to all - children, adults, single parents, disabled people, seniors etc. Medicare is specifically for low income earning senior citizens above 65 years of age.
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Free Grants for Medical Bills
Early Head Start: low income earning families having expecting mothers, babies, and toddlers (till 3 years) can avail medical assistance from the Early Head Start. Pregnant moms can receive prenatal care that aids in monitoring the growth and healthy development of the baby.
Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP): it’s a health insurance grant program administered by the United States Department of Health and Human Services. Low-income families with children having no medical insurance to compensate medical costs can apply for CHIP. If you cannot qualify for Medicaid then apply for CHIP that is funded by the federal government and states.
State and Local Assistance Grants: the federal government allocates grants money to state and local governments for medical assistance. States have free community clinics, free health care programs and health care centers that host medical checkups, offer medicines and health support services free of cost to monetarily deprived families. Uninsured, under-insured and below poverty level applicants are entitled to discounts, dental checkups, free medicines, eyeglasses, doctor checkups at no cost. Visit the Healthcare.gov site to get federal grants to pay medical bills.
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Pregnant Women Support Act: Also referred as the Pregnancy Assistance Fund, the Pregnant Women Support Act offers medical grants to poor and needy expecting mothers for a healthy pregnancy experience. Administered by the Office of Adolescent Health, the grant program helps pregnant teenager moms to pursue their high school studies and/or post-secondary degrees for better job opportunities and financial stability. Mothers who have been victims of abuse or domestic violence may seek assistance from the grant program and find alternatives to abortion.
Besides these, there are many other federal grants to pay medical bills-Maternal and Child Health Services Block Grant, Co-pay assistance plans, Free and Low-Cost Health Insurance etc. You may also seek medical support from the Department of Human Resources or Department of Public Welfare, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies and nonprofit organizations like American Red Cross, United Way, Jewish Federation of North America, Salvation Army, Net Wish, The Aubrey Rose Foundation, and many others. If you have overdue bills and debts, start applying for federal grants to pay medical bills.

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14 May 2016

5 Free Money Grants Online From the Government That You Never Have to Pay back

It can be exciting to know that there are grants for you--your' never pay back money, that can resolve your financial crisis and save you from a rough time. Low-income families need to struggle hard to make ends meet hence the grants, financial assistance and free services are offered that compensate for the expenses.
In emergency situations claim your ‘never pay back money grants’ from the federal government, state, counties or local offices and nonprofit organizations and be relieved from debts, overdue bills or any other economical burdens. Let’s have a look at the grants:

List of Money Grants You Never Have to Pay Back
Housing grants: If you are running the risk of evictions, foreclosure or homelessness then it’s time to get your' never pay back money grants for housing. Monetarily crunched families can get housing grants from HUD, USDA, Public Housing Program, Subsidized Housing, nonprofit organizations like Habitat for Humanity, United Way, The Salvation Army, Mercy Housing, American Red Cross, Catholic charities etc.
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Utility grants: the exorbitant utility bills every month can be scary if you are running out of money.Utility grants likeThe Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) Grant, LIHEAP Crisis Program, The Weatherization Assistance Program, and The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) help to compensate for utility bills, weatherization and up-gradation for energy efficiency. Even utility companies offer cash grants, restructuring of payment plans and benefit programs to compensate utility bills.
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Medical grants: well medical bills can also be nerve-racking with a pinching pocket. Hospital bills, medicines, doctor visits, lab tests or insurances can scoop out a lump some money from your savings. Get your' free money grants from Kidscare, Medicaid, Medicare, Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), Healthy Families Program, Health Plan to clear medical bills and debts today.
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Grants to Pay Medical Bills

Food grants: fund shortage also leads to a dearth of food resources hence most low-income families remain at nutritional risk. To encourage healthy eating the US government, all states, non-profits and churches administer food and nutritional assistance programs. Food grant programs like SNAP, Food Distribution Program, Special Milk Program, National School Lunch Program, Emergency Food Assistance Program, School Breakfast Program, Child and Adult Care Food Programetcoffer food supplements, free vouchers and meals all free of cost. You may also get food from food banks.
Single mother grants: there are countless single mother grants to assist monetarily challenged moms striving to make a better living.Daycare grants, housing, and home repair grants, college grants, water bill grants, car grants and insurance payment grants are all your free grants that you never pay back. Go ahead, get them and lead a basic standard of living even with limited funds.
applying cash grants for single mothers
It’s not over; there are home repair grants, internet bill grant, transportation grants, emergency grants, maternity grants and so on. Start researching and apply for your free money grants online now.

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1 May 2016

Apply Free Grants Money Online and Pay Housing and Utility Bills and Daily Expenses

Are you bothered with your overdue bills, debts or insufficient income? Inadequate earnings can become a matter of concern with growing needs and escalating market prices. Well, don’t worry! There is free government grants money for you that lessen your financial burden and fulfill your basic needs for standard living.
It’s free money for you; read and apply for your free grants online today.
Free Grants To Pay For Daily Expenses
There are innumerable daily expenses that consume a major portion of your money that may include transportation, food, medicines, grocery shopping and baby needs. Free government grants are disbursed, that cater to all your needs if you fall in the low-income bracket. Have a quick look at the daily grants:

Transportation Grants: U.S. Department of Transportation and State Department of Transportation 
Free Grants for Daily Expenses
Food Grants: Emergency Food and Shelter Program, Meals on Wheels, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), The Emergency Food Assistance Program, Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children, School Lunch and Breakfast Assistance Program and voucher cards for groceries and food items
Medical Grants: Medicaid, United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), Child Welfare Agencies, Pregnant Women Support Act, Co-pay assistance plans
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Free Cash For Educational Expenses
Bearing educational expenses can be monetarily challenging for families with limited fund, resulting in dropouts and fewer job opportunities. If you are stuck too with your academic costs then turn to free government grants that cover up for educational expenses, college supplies and help you pursue higher degrees.
Federal Pell Grant
Academic Competitiveness Grant
Work Study Program
State funded college grants
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Free Cash Grants For College Expenses

Free Money For Housing and Utility Bills
A secured shelter is indispensable for the family but compensating for housing bills, rent or mortgage can be unfeasible with low-income levels. Even exorbitant monthly utility bills, heating and cooling expenses and home repairing expenses can be daunting. Don’t worry! Free government grants are here that not only puts your family under a safe roof but also financially helps you pay off your utility bills.
Housing Grants: Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program, USDA, State Homeless Prevention, Transitional Housing Assistance Program, Rapid Re-Housing Program, Public Housing Program, HOME Investment Partnership Program, Community Action Agencies
Utility Grants: Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) Grant, The Weatherization Assistance Program, LIHEAP Crisis Program, The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP), utility company assistance programs like Free Energy Audit, Water Bill Programs and Special Winter Protection Plans
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Single Mothers Home Buyer Grants
Single mothers are overburdened with responsibilities and being sole earners it becomes quite challenging to financially support the needs of the family. If you are a single mother having a monetary crisis then apply for free government grants that offer financial aid through states, counties, community agencies and local offices to compensate for the essential expenses. Grants to look for:
Maternity Grants
Day Care Grants
Medical Grants
Home Repair Grants
Maternity Grants For Pregnant Women

There are countless government grants for you that provide for almost all your necessities and economically back you to lead a basic standard of living. Apply for the free government grants and enjoy an accomplished life.

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