19 April 2016

Low Income Housing Grants and Schemes-Apply For Free Government Grants

A permanent, safe  and secure shelter is a prime necessity for all but paying the monthly rents, loans, mortgages or purchasing a home seems a big challenge for families with meager income standards. Underprivileged people often have the death of funds resulting in non-clearance of bills leading to foreclosure, evictions, and homelessness.
To eradicate housing debts, the U.S. government offers federal housing grants that help such needy families compensate their rents and secure a safe shelter. The grant programs facilitate in clearing rental bills and avoid evictions.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
HUD is the biggest federal housing assistance program committed to creating affordable shelter and communities for all. The agency offers nearly $1 billion free grants money for the economically challenged families to avoid evictions, foreclosure, and homelessness. HUD has initiated varied housing programs to help low-income families avail affordable housing.
Community Planning and Development that includes Community development Block Grants (CDBG), Shelter Plus Care, Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA), the HOME program and Emergency Shelter Grants.
Federal Housing Administration regulates the Freddie Mac and the Fannie Mae, multifamily housing programs, Supportive Housing programs for Persons with Disabilities and Supportive Housing for the Elderly.
Public and Indian Housing regulates the Housing Choice Voucher Program, public housing program HOPE VI and individual loan programs
HUD also enforces Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity to prevent discrimination on grounds of sex, race, religion, color, disability or family status.

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USDA Rural Development Rental Assistance
USDA offers federal housing grants to financially challenged families residing in rural sectors of the country. Administered by the federal government, the organization seeks to improve the living conditions of the families and help them remove safety hazards, repair and renovate their houses for secured dwelling conditions. A maximum amount of $7,500 is granted to eligible applicants after evaluating the income levels. Vouchers are offered that pay off the difference in the rental amount that is charged by the landlord and the rent that is paid by the applicant.
State Homeless Grants
Low-income families in need of shelter or financial assistance to prevent homelessness can contact the Public Housing Authority for help. States disburse grants to counties, local offices and municipal departments that are re-distributed among eligible applicants.
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Transitional Housing Assistance Program
Women who have been a victim of domestic violence, torture and are seeking for shelter can avail help from the Transitional Housing Assistance Program. The program not only offers affordable shelters but also assists in rental needs, utility needs, counseling, daycare, employment, and maternity needs.
Community Action Organizations
Low-income family people looking for federal housing grants can acquire detailed updated information from the CAO. It’s the most reliable source for all current information on housing grants available at local, federal and state levels.
Applicants can also contact the private organizations, charities, churches and nonprofit organizations like Mercy Housing, Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, CoAbode, and Fannie Mae. Apply for your federal housing grant now; pay off your bills and get your dream home even with financial limitations.

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18 April 2016

Government Grants For Debt Relief-Apply Free Grants Online Pay Various Debts

Financially burdened people or families with low-income levels often face a shortage of funds and remain in heavy debts that prevents them from maintaining minimum standards of living. Also, affording the expenses of everyday life seems overwhelming especially with credit collectors persistently asking for payments.
To offer financial assistance the U.S. government offers federal debt relief grants that pull out families from their economic crisis and helps them compensate their debts and overdue bills. Get your federal debt relief grants now.
Medical needs are indispensable for all but the expenses can be beyond the reach of low-income families. Paying for exorbitant hospital bills or medicine, doctor visits, and lab test bills can be intimidating for monetarily crunched families which can lead to debts or fund shortage. Federal debt relief grants are disbursed to help needy families overcome their debts and meet their medical needs. The federal medical grants are:
Medicaid and Medicare
Federal Government Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)
United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)
Healthy Families Program
Pregnant Women Support Act
Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
Medical debt relief grants are also available from hospitals, community agencies, local and state offices and nonprofit organizations like Net Wish, Jewish Federation of North America, American Red Cross and The Aubrey Rose Foundation. Even private organizations like The Aubrey Rose Foundation, United Healthcare Children's Foundation and The Addison H. Gibson Foundation grant financial assistance for medical needs.
Government Grants For Debt Relief
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Grants For Housing Bills
Affording a secured shelter for a family within limited income levels or paying the exorbitant monthly rents, home loans or mortgages can be unfeasible for financially burdened people. Often debts or lack of money leads to evictions and homelessness. To offer financial support for compensating rental bills and debts federal debt relief grants for housing are offered by
Public Housing programs
Nonprofits like Habitat for Humanity, Fannie Mae, Mercy Housing, Catholic Charities, American Red Cross and Salvation Army
Debt Relief Grants For Daily Expenses
There are endless daily needs like cable bills, transport, water bills, internet bills, telephone bills, healthy food, gas and fuel, groceries, home repair work, transportation etc. The expenses are quite high and consume a major portion of the income causing a dearth of funds and debts. Debt relief grant programs are available that aid needy families to meet their everyday needs:
Special Milk Program, grocery vouchers, food grants, Child and Adult Care Food Program, SNAP The Low Income Payment Program (LIPP) and H2O Help to Others Program for water bills
U.S and State Department of Transportation
Free Gas USA Inc for gas bills
Life-line, link-up for telephone bills
TANF funds for other expenses
Free Grants To Pay Off Utility and Energy Bills
For economically crunched families the constantly escalating utility and energy bills can be tough to pay off. The utility bills might claim a huge chunk of the savings leading to debts and pending bills that can disrupt continued services. Federal debt relief grants for utility bills are allocated to such families facing a shortage of funds. The grant programs to look for are:
LIHEAP Crisis Program
The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) Grant
The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)
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Besides, utility companies have varied payment schemes, subsidized programs, discounts and cash assistance programs that help clear debts or pending bills. Special Winter Protection Plans, Water Bill Programs, Free Energy Audit are some of the utility company schemes to avail. Nonprofits also grant utility debt relief help programs like Union Members Discounted Heating Oil, Operation Roundup, The National Fuel Funds Network, Dollar Energy Fund and Salvation Family Emergency Services.

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14 April 2016

Federal Pell Grant Program For College-Find Best Educational Grants For You

College admission for higher education can be an expensive endeavor for meritorious students from low-income families. Consequently, students give up their dreams due to death of money resulting in limited job opportunities. Higher degrees facilitate in attaining a stable financial life and better professional growth. The government hence offers the Federal Pell Grant that covers educational expenses, enabling students to realize their goals.
Federal Pell Grant has reduced dropout rates by encouraging more and more students to enroll in colleges and pursue their educational degrees. If you are in need of educational grants, apply for the Federal Pell Grant.
The Federal Pell Grant
The Pell Grant is a need-based grant awarded to financially constrained undergraduate students to help them pursue their post-secondary education. Students must fill up the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) government form based on which the Department of Education determines the monetary need of the recipient. The grant amount can be used for enrolling in one of the 5,400 post-secondary colleges but students will obtain the grant money from only one college at a particular time.
Federal Pell Grant Program For College
The Federal Pell Grant lays down certain criteria for allotting the grant amount:
The Expected Family Contribution (EFC) of the student
The institution’s cost of attendance or the college cost
The enrollment status of the student,if it’s a full time or part time course
The attendance of the student,whether it’s a full academic year or less than a year course
Eligibility Criteria for Federal Pell Grant
According to the U.S. Department of Education maximum amount of $5,775 was awarded for the year 2015-2016 (July 1, 2015, to June 30, 2016). Over the years, the grant amount has been escalating resulting in less college dropout rate.
There are specific eligibility standards for the students who wish to apply for the Federal Pell Grant:
Must be vocational or undergraduate students
Must be accepted to be enrolled as a student in a certificate program or for an eligible degree
Should show a consistent academic improvement in college
Students must be U.S. citizens or be a legally approved permanent resident of the U.S.
Applicants cannot have default federal student loans
Need to showcase monetary need
The grant amount must be used only for educational need and also sign a document
If the applicants meet all the decisive factors they obtain the Student Aid Report (SAR) or the college receives the Institutional Student Information Record (ISIR) that qualifies the student for the Pell Grant. The amount is granted once in a term or twice in an academic year.
The Federal Pell Grant money compensates for college fees, academic needs, room rent for students staying in the college campus, books, transportation and other living expenses. The institution in which the student is enrolled receives the grant amount.
If you aspire to pursue your educational dreams and fulfill the mentioned terms and conditions; apply for the Federal Pell Grant and get your free grants money!

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12 April 2016

Find Government Grants to Pay Off Various Important Bills-Apply Free Financial Assistance

Monetarily constrained families often face financial shortage due to low-income levels and meager savings that lead to huge debts and nonpayment of bills. Heavy dues restrict the access to the basic amenities of life and also discontinuation of essential services.
The government disburses federal grants to pay bills in such crisis situations and help families meet their needs to stand back in life. Apply now for your federal grants help pay bills.
A secured shelter is an essential need for every family but the rents, mortgage or loan amount can be expensive for low-income households, eventually leading to homelessness and eviction. The government disburses federal grants to pay bills for housing through HUD, Public Housing Program, USDA, Subsidized Housing, Low Income and Emergency Housing Assistance and Housing Choice Voucher Program. Even nonprofit organizations like The Salvation Army, Mercy Housing, American Red Cross, United Way and Habitat for Humanity offer assistance for rental bills.
Medical expenses can be exorbitantly high and unaffordable for economically restricted families. Compensating for overpriced medical provisions, hospital bills or doctor visits are a major constraint for the low-income households. The government offers federal medical grants such as Medicaid, Healthy Families Program, Medicare, Health Plan for uninsured children, Kidscare, Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), Maternal and Child Health Services Block Grant, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). These medical grant programs offer financial assistance in paying off bills and health care insurances.
Free Money Grants For College Education
Students from needy families require financial aid to pursue their educational dreams and pay off academic expenses. Federal grants are offered by the government, states, colleges and nonprofits that compensate for college fees, hostel rent, books purchasing etc. Federal Pell Grant, National SMART Grant, Work Study Program, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, Academic Competitiveness Grant, Federal TEACH Grant and State funded college grants are some of the grant programs that students can apply for monetary aid.
Grants Pay Day Care Bills
Single parents remain engaged in office or college for long hours hence they require a safe and secure day care for their kids but the expenses can be daunting for parents with inadequate earnings. Financial support is hence offered by the government through federal day care grants to compensate the bills. Grant programs such as Head Start, Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG), State Assistance like Child Care Assistance and Local Department of Health and Human Services offer child care financial assistance to parents.
Grants for Food Bills
Low-income families often face the dearth of food resources or have limited access to nutritional food. The government offers federal grants to pay bills for healthy food through Emergency Food Assistance Program, free vouchers, School Breakfast Program, Special Milk Program, Child and Adult Care Food Program, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), National School Lunch Program and Food Distribution Program. Free food is also available from food banks.
Economically challenged families can also seek for federal grants to pay bills for other requirements like transportation, utility services, home repair, weatherization and others. Start applying now for your grants to pay off your bills.

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