26 December 2016

Medical Grants For Veterans-Free Money For Paying Medical Bills

The life of Veterans post retirement is not easy. During service period many Veterans suffer serious injuries, mental or health damages and/or became disabled. Due to failing health issues, medical attention is the need but financial crisis poses as a big hurdle in availing medical services.Many nonprofits, charities, the federal government and Veteran associations offer financial support. Let’s read the available medical grants for Veterans.
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Veterans who are entitled to get VA pension are also eligible to receive monthly Aid & Attendance and Housebound Assistance Pension. It helps pay expenses for care in the home, assisted living facility or nursing home. Per month a Veteran can get up to $1,788 while a Veteran with a spouse can get up to 2,120. Veterans with sick spouses are eligible to get maximum $1,406 and a surviving spouse can get maximum $1,149.
National Association of American Veterans
Severely injured Veterans, single parent servicemen, family members of Veterans and military caregivers can receive financial assistance and emergency funds that help in getting medical attention, free transportation to medical appointments, clearing the due debts and paying off the medical bills on time.

Operation Family Fund
Veterans who are severely disabled in the Operation Enduring and Iraqi Freedom are entitled to receive grants that financially assist in paying off rents, medical bills, vehicle repair, emergency transportation and other necessities.
grants to pay medical bills
Project MEND
Since 2007 Project MEND has been offering durable medical equipment and assistive technologies to disabled Veterans and their families for an improved and independent life. The Project was started in honor of Ester Geffre who had developed fatal illness and required assistance with medical equipment. Since its inception, more than 1300 medical equipment have been provided to eligible servicemen. In 2016 it received the prestigious Newman’s Own Award for its commendable services.

Reel American Heroes Foundation
It’s a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that offers recreational therapy to the soldiers, airmen, sailors, combat and disabled veterans and the marines. The foundation works with military bases and military hospitals to provide the services in over 25 states.
Salvation Army Liberty Program
Iran and Afghanistan War Veterans can obtain funds from the Liberty Program for their mental health services, unmet needs, psychotherapy, drug/alcohol recovery and other healthcare needs. The funds help to meet the medical needs and also pay for bills. Contact your local Salvation Army office for medical assistance and financial help.
Army Emergency Relief
The nonprofit offers grant money for emergency situations to US Army soldiers that are never to be repaid. It has granted millions of dollars for medical expenses, college education, scholarships, rent, food, utilities and bill payments. Service members and their families can also get loans that are interest-free.
American Red Cross
Veterans who have served the US Armed Forces receive monetary help to meet their daily requirements like food, shelter, housing and medical needs. The nonprofit offers emergency funds that can help Veterans to meet their healthcare needs and also get relieved from debts and due bills.
There are countless other nonprofits, organizations and charities like USA Cares Program, Army Emergency Relief, Operation Homefront, Wounded Warriors Family Support, Military Warriors Support Foundation, Veterans of Foreign Wars Unmet Need Grant and others. Contact the organizations today and get medical grants for Veterans.

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22 December 2016

Credit Card Debt Relief Grants-Free Money For Bills

Get financial help and debt management plans for your credit card bills and pay off your due bills with lower interest rates.
Are you stuck with your credit card debts? Well, this can be a real intimidating situation with creditors dunning you persistently and the ever increasing interest rates. Don’t feel overwhelmed, there are few options that you may consider.
Agencies recognized organizations, banks, debt management companies, nonprofits and credit card companies also offer assistance programs and funding that can help you with your debts.  Let’s have a look at them.
Debt Settlement Programs: here the companies usually negotiate with the creditors for a settlement to clear the debts. You will need to put aside a certain amount in savings every month for debt clearance. The amount needs to be transferred to an account for building up savings enough to pay off the negotiated debt settlement amount.

Debt Management Plans: credit card companies, credit counseling agencies, banks and even nonprofits offer DMP. Professional creditors on behalf of the consumers help in reducing the debts, lower the interest rates and also waiving off fees. It helps in reducing the monthly debt payments, avoid any over limit fees or late fees, combine all your debts into a single payment and save you from harassment of the money collectors.
grants for-credit-card bills
Debt Consolidation Loan: you can get a single personal loan from a lender and pay off all other separate debts. You will then have only one monthly fixed payment to make which can be paid in installments. The time period to pay off the amount usually varies from two years to five years. The interest rate may vary depending on your credit amount.
Credit Counseling Services: it helps to develop a personalized plan according to your income and savings to pay off the debt. You can get low cost or free credit counseling services from nonprofit organizations, credit unions, religious organizations and extension offices. An accredited credit counselor will help lower your payments and simply the process through budgeting and money management assistance.
Forbearance Programs: consumers struggling to pay their credit card bills can avail the forbearance program-an agreement between a lender and a borrower. It temporarily reduces or stops monthly mortgage payments for a short period that may range from weeks, months to years as decided upon. During this time period, the interest rates will be low and will provide the opportunity to arrange for the money. Different banks have different forbearance programs; do your research before applying.
Debt Restructuring: companies and creditors help to restructure the debts and plan the payments as per the comfort of the consumers. An agreement is done where the payment is structured, the interest rates are lowered, certain charges are waived, certain settlements done, and specialized plans and assistance offered. This reduces the hassles and worries of paying the credit card debts.
Start visiting your government-approved credit counseling agencies and talk to them about your hardships. Try to negotiate with them and come to a settlement. Also, beware of scams or false guarantees to settle all your credit card debts. Start applying for debt settlement programs.

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19 December 2016

Grants For Pregnant Women-Find Maternity Grants For Medical Bills

grants for pregnant women

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14 December 2016

Top 5 Important Free Grants Tips For Individual Applicants

Researching and applying for a grant is not as easy as it sounds. While many sites promise grants and benefit programs from the federal government it might be quite stressful to get one. Institutes, state governments, and nonprofits that are functioning for the society are entitled to receive grants from the government but if you are applying as an individual the options can be limited.
There can be a series of paperwork, documentations, and several eligibility criteria if applying individually and not on behalf of an organization. The article will emphasize on the essential criteria and important grant tips for individual applicants. Let’s have a look at the key points.
Grants Tips For Individuals
Registering as an Individual
You need to first register as an individual with an FON-Funding Opportunity Number, that’s your initial step. Then start looking for individual grants on the site. Remember most of the grants are for organizations that allow them to apply for the FON. Well, worry not!
Filter your Search
Once you are on the grants.gov page start filtering your searches. Remember that you will be applying as an individual here hence under the Eligibility search criteria don’t forget to filter the search and select the Individual option.
Create a Workspace
Create a workshop to apply for your grants. It can help to access online forms whenever they are available and also reuse forms and/or Grants.gov application across different workspaces to save more time.

Just search for the grant opportunity for which you will create the workspace and get started.
Narrowing Down the Searches
While looking for individual grants you need to narrow down your searches as there are uncountable grants available on the sites that might confuse you. Begin your searches in the Keyword field and look for ‘fellowship.’ Further, narrow down the search by selecting the individuals and start looking for the available grants.
Fellowships are funding opportunities for individuals who wish to work along with the federal agency for a given period of time. These grants are usually posted by grant making agencies, not to confuse with Grants.gov, but not always grants are available.  Wait and apply for the grants when available that will give you the great opportunity to assist the agency in its missions and work alongside civil servants.
Check Other Options
There can be many other options available if you are not finding the required funding opportunity on the Grants.gov. You can easily look for blogs emphasizing on individual grants-Federal Grants to Pay Utility Bills, Home Repair Grants, Financial Aid for College Education etc.
Also, visit the benefits.gov site and search for different types of federal financial benefit programs available. Make use of the Benefits Finder tool to look up for grants.
Follow these simple steps and important tips to begin your search for individual grant application and get financial assistance for your needs. Apply soon.

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10 December 2016

Free Grants To Pay Your Credit Card Bills-Pay Credit Card Debts

grants for credit card bills

credit card debt relief grants

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1 December 2016

Free Grants For Single Mothers To Pay For Home Repair Bills

Get your single mother home repair grants and renovate your home for free to live in a decent and safe house with your family. Single moms are often at a financial loss to repair and renovate their homes. But maintenance, weatherizing, renovation, up-gradation and remodeling work is essential for the safety and security of the residents of the house that also promotes better living standards.
Nonprofits, government, state and counties offer funds to single moms for financial support. This facilitates in repairing of pipes, stairs, ceiling, roof, removing health hazards, weatherization, renovating home after a natural disaster etc. Let’s have a look at the varied financial sources for home repairing.
Grants.gov: it’s the most authentic government site for federal grants. If looking for home repair grants then visit the Grants.gov page and begin searching with terms like home repairing, home improvement, housing etc. to find the available grants. If you get your needed grants give a quick look to the details and fill in the application. Keep a track of the application and your e-mails to know your status.

HUD: single moms may receive grants or loans for their home repair requirements. Grant programs like Disaster Recovery Assistance, Neighborhood and Small Cities Stabilization Program and Community Block Development Grants facilitate in improving or remodeling of homes for safe and decent living standards. Funds are allocated to counties, states, nonprofits and local governments that are later disbursed among eligible single moms.
grants for home repair bills
HUD has also initiated home repair loans for single moms. Applicants can apply for loans from HUD that ensures it’s approved lenders against any loss. Mothers with a good credit history can apply for the following loan program:
Title 1 loan
203(k) rehab loan
Streamlined 203(k)
Home Repair Programs by State: every state has funding provisions for home repairs. The local or state government, community agencies, housing finance departments, regional councils and accredited organizations offer assistance and emergency cash grants for home improvement needs.
Homeowner-Occupied Rehabilitation Grants: low income earning single mothers, who are homeowners, are eligible to get grant money from the local governments for urgent home repair work. The repairing work may include energy efficiency up-gradation, renovating major systems like plumbing, mechanical & electrical, accessibility improvements and building code-required things. 
There are few eligibility criteria to remember:
The annual income of the applicant must be or below 80% of the Area Median Income
Applicant must be a legal U.S. citizen
The applicant must be the primary resident of the house
Must have clear property title
House must be in a condition for rehabilitation
Applicants must reside within the limits of San Antonio city
Additionally, single moms can take help from Single-Family Rehabilitation (SFR) Program, Single-Family Rehabilitation Loan Pool (SFRLP), USDA and Urgent Repair Program (URP). Start applying now for the home repair programs for single moms and get a secured shelter to dwell in with your family. For more information read Home Repair Grants for Disabled Mothers.

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29 November 2016

Get Free Pell Grants For College Students Pay For Higher Education

Apply for the Federal Pell grant and get free money from the government to pursue your dreams of higher studies.
Aspiring students from low income families often give up their dream of higher education and of enrolling in a college to continue their studies due to the dearth of money. Higher education can be really expensive but it offers an independent and financially stable life. The government has initiated the Federal Pell Grant that funds for educational expenses, enabling meritorious needy students to attain college degrees. Read on and apply soon for monetary assistance.

Essential Points for Pell Grant
The Pell Grant is a need-based grant awarded to low income undergraduate students pursuing their postsecondary education. To be entitled to the grant, students should not have a professional degree or a bachelor’s degree. Students can use the grant to seek education in one of the recognized 5,400 postsecondary institutions. They must fill the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the Pell grant and later the U.S. Department of Education determines the financial need of the applicants based on the information provided.
pell grants for college education
The Pell grant funds can be received from only one school at a time. Each participating school receives the required Federal Pell grant funds from the U.S. Department of Education for their eligible students.
For the award year 2016-2017 i.e. July 1, 2016, to June 30, 2017, the amount for the Pell Grant is $5,815. The grant amount to be awarded is based on 4 essential points:
Student's expected family contribution (EFC) or your financial need
Cost of attendance
Student's enrollment status; whether it’s a full-time or part-time course
Whether the student will be attending a full academic year or less than a year
The Eligibility Criteria for Pell Grant
There are certain essential eligibility factors that are taken into consideration before a Pell Grant is given. Let’s have a look:
The first list comprises of all important factors that is necessary
Must have a GED or high school diploma
Must be eligible to enroll in a certificate/degree program
Should have a valid social security number
Sign FAFSA that states (a) you don’t owe any refund money or default student federal loan (b) you will make use of federal money for education 
Have satisfactory school progress report
The grant must be used for educational purpose only and students must sign a document stating that
Any ONE of the factors in the second list is needed
Must be a U.S. citizen 
Should have a green card
Should have a battered immigrant status
Should possess arrival departure record
Should have T-Visa
Pell Grant Fund Application
Once the FAFSA is filled either the institution receives the Institutional Student Information Record (ISIR) or the student receives the Student Aid Report (SAR) that confirms the eligibility of the student for the Pell grant. The Pell grant can be specially used only for expenses related to academics which include school fees, tuition, board, room (if the student stays on the campus), purchasing textbooks, transportation, classroom supplies and sometimes food.

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22 November 2016

Free Housing Debt Relief Grants For Senior Citizens To Pay Off Bills

Senior citizens struggle to pay off their housing rents that often lead to heavy debts and due bills. The federal government, state agencies and nonprofits hence offer debt relief housing grants to ward off homelessness and evictions. The grants help in offsetting the debts and offer subsidy plans for affordable accommodation facilities. Let’s have a look at the housing debt relief grants.
HUD Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly Program
HUD provides affordable housing facilities to low income senior citizens in an environment with support facilities like transportation, cleaning, cooking to help them reside independently. The complete construction and acquisition of the housing structures are financed by HUD. The 202 Supportive Housing program provides rent subsidies and rental funds to pay for the difference in rent amount paid by the tenant and the operating cost of the project.
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The eligible applicants for the housing program are the nonprofit consumer cooperatives and the private nonprofit organizations. The eligible customers for the program are the very low-income households who have at least one member of or above 62 years during the occupancy.
The application process is administered by the state and county offices and the funds are later allocated to the local charities and nonprofits. Check for the Notice of Funding in Grants.gov and send an application in its response to applying.

Public Housing
Public Housing programs offer safe and decent housing facilities of different sizes and types to eligible applicants like senior citizens, disabled people, and low income families. Applicants who have lower income limits of 80% and very low income limits of 50% of the median income may get housing grants. However, the income limits can vary according to areas. Contact the local HA or the HUD field office.
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The Housing agency will determine the eligibility factors for applicants which are:
Must be U.S. citizen or have legal immigration status
The annual gross income is determined
Need to qualify as person with disability, senior citizen or family
Housing Debt Relief Grants For Senior Citizens
Image Credit- Flickr
Housing Choice Voucher Program
The HUD offers safe and decent housing facilities to low and very low income senior citizens through the Housing Choice Voucher Program. Applicants can find their own housing of choice outside subsidized housing projects like townhouses, single family homes, apartments, but it must meet the stated program requirements and HUD safety standards. Housing choice vouchers, administered by the PHA and funded by HUD, are given to eligible applicants to look for housing.
The PHA directly pays the housing subsidy to the landlord on behalf of the applicants or families. Later the families pay the remaining amount to the landlord that was not compensated or subsidized by the program.
USDA Section 515 Multi-Family Housing
The USDA offers subsidy programs for affordable living conditions for senior citizens. There are more than 15,000 complexes in the rural areas of the 50 states that are offered to low income seniors at subsidized rates. The income limits can vary according to location and area.
Non-Profit Organizations
Nonprofits and charities like Fannie Mae, Mercy Housing, Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, American Red Cross, and community agencies also offer housing facilities to senior citizens.
Research well and start applying now for the senior citizen housing grants.

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20 November 2016

Free Grants Help Pay Off Telephone Bills-Apply For Money Online

Start applying for the grants and benefit programs and pay off your telephone bills without worrying about financial problems
Telephones or mobile phones are now an essential need for communication for all but the monthly bills or recharge rates for cell phones are expensive enough to afford. Low income families with their meager savings and income levels might struggle to pay off the bills or even keep a telephone connection. To extend support states, government and local authorities offer telephone assistance programs to help needy customers. Let’s have a look at the different telephone grants available for you.
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Telephone Assistance Program: there are telephone assistance programs from the federal government that can assist low income families to pay their telephone bills. The grants are disbursed by the states and granted to applicants receiving SNAP, LIHEAP, Medicaid, TANF, SSI, housing benefits. The telephone programs are separated into two components

Lifeline: it’s a government benefit program administered by the Federal Communications Commission’s Universal Service Fund. Below a certain income level customers are eligible to get discounted telephone or cell phone services. The discounts are however not applicable for special phone types like Caller ID or Call Waiting or for long distances. Subscribers now receive monthly discounts for purchasing telephone services from participating providers. The eligibility for Lifeline services is either income based or program based.

grants to pay telephone bills
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      Once you qualify for Lifeline these are the steps to get your discount services:
  • first, make a selection of a phone company
  • fill the phone company application form providing the important details
  • your identity will be verified by the company and then you will get enrolled
  • recertify every year to continue getting services
LifeLine is soon to be modernized to provide discounted broadband to its subscribers.
Link-up: another federal program, it provides a discount for the telephone or cell phone installation charges for deprived families. Eligible families can get up to $30 discount for the setup. Customers can also borrow the balance amount for a year in case the setup fees exceed $30 which is interest free. Contact your state or local organization for the benefits.
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Free Mobile Phones: if getting a telephone service seems unaffordable you can use mobile phones. Seek help from the state social service agency for donated mobile phones. Nonprofit organizations like Secure the Call, HopeLine, U.S. Cellular, Phone 4 Charity and others also offer donated cell phones to the needy, victims of domestic violence and single mothers. Few also offer free shipping. 
Local Telephone Companies: monetarily crunched families can also get assistance from local telephone companies for their installation charges and monthly telephone bills. Companies offer plans, installation payment schemes, discount programs etc to help pay the bills over a period of time. Customers can also use pricing plans that are less expensive.
States and counties may also have special plans to offer zero percent interest loans, reduced setup fees or programs to avoid deposit charges. Research well and get the best plan or grants to pay your telephone bills.

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18 November 2016

Financial Assistance To Pay Off Your Monthly Expenses And Bills

Get your grants and get financial assistance to pay off your monthly expenses and bills with ease.
Many low income families struggle hard of pay off their bills for monthly expenses. The meager income levels and low savings pose a big challenge in fulfilling the basic needs. Federal grants and assistance from nonprofits are available to help such distressed families to meet their needs and cover up the expenses.
Read on to know about the varied grants available for your needs.
Cable TV Bills:  Television is an effective means of entertainment and knowledge, especially for children. With time it’s become an important need but the cable bills can be expensive to pay off. Well, if you are running short of money contact your cable companies to avail special plans, discounts, installment payment schemes, installment programs and monthly cable payment schemes.

Telephone Bills: telephone is an essential means of communications but the installation fees, monthly charges, mobile recharging can be expensive for low income families to afford. The federal government, nonprofits, telephone companies and cell phone companies offer payment schemes, discount plans, installation plans and free services to help pay off bills and dues. Look for assistance from Linkup, Lifeline and nonprofits like HopeLine, Secure the Call, Phone 4 Charity, U.S. Cellular.
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Water Bills: water is a prime requisite for all but many needy families struggles hard to pay the monthly water bills. Well, there are water companies, federal grants, and nonprofits to offer help with all financial problems, due bills, and payment issues. The American Water Corporate, the largest U.S. water company, offers payment plans, installment programs, discounts and credit plans for eligible low income families. The Low Income Payment Program and H2O Help to Others Program are also available for assistance.
grants to pay your monthly bills
Home Rent: paying off monthly home rent can be intimidating for low income families with limited earnings. Thousands of families face the risk of getting evicted and becoming homeless for their overdue rents. The federal government and nonprofit organizations extend housing support and financial assistance to needy families. Get home grants from HUD, US Department of Agriculture, CDBG, Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, Fanie Mae, Mercy Housing, American Red Cross, CoAbode, United Way to pay off your monthly rents.
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Food and Groceries: though the food is a daily necessity there certain monthly necessities like cereals, milk products, pulses etc. Deprived families can get help with grocery bills from grocery vouchers, discount cards, food vouchers, government food stores and food grants like SNAP, Emergency Food Program, School Lunch and Breakfast Assistance Program and The Emergency Food Assistance Program. You can also get rebates, coupons, special discounts and products on sale from food banks and pantries. Also, seek help from nonprofits if in the emergency situation.
Utility Bills: grants are also available for utility bills, weatherization, and up-gradation for energy efficiency. States, government, nonprofits and local communities financially support needy families with grants like LIHEAP Crisis Program, LIHEAP Grant, The Weatherization Assistance Program and HEAP. Even utility companies offer cash grants, restructuring of payment plans and benefit programs to compensate utility bills. Low income families can also avail summer and winter protection plans and programs and get free heating oil.
The list can be endless. If you are stuck with your monthly expenses apply for the grants to pay off bills.

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16 November 2016

Free Grants Help Pay Water Bills-Need Money For Paying Bills

Fresh, clean water is the basic necessity of all but huge water bills can be a challenge for low income families. To avoid disconnection of water facility and to help clear bills water bill companies, nonprofits, and local governments offer grants, discounts, benefit programs, easy payment plans and installment programs. Contact the water companies or apply for federal/ state grants for assistance with water bills.
Water Bill Debt Relief Programs
The Low Income Payment Program (LIPP): financially crunched families can receive assistance from the LIPP representatives to plan their payment and pay water bills in installment or in credit form over a period of time. Eligible customers may also get monthly discounts for their wastewater and water charges from the LIPP Assistance for Low Income Customers program.
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grants to pay water bills
There are certain eligibility criteria, income limits, total monthly household income limits and family size to apply for the program. The criteria and the cash grant amount may vary according to states and areas they reside in. Call the LIPP customer service before the due date for help with water payment.
American Water Corporate: it is the largest US water utility company, founded in 1886, that serves more than 15 million people. The company has its presence in more than 45 states and operates in different states like Texas, Florida, New Jersey, Massachusetts, California, and Pennsylvania. Families facing financial crisis can seek assistance through varied payment plans, payment schemes, installment programs and resources to pay off their water bills and debts. People need to contact the American Water customer service before the due date for help.
H2O Help to Others Program: low income families are eligible to get a monthly discount for their water bill charges. Customers having annual household income below 150% of the Federal poverty guidelines are eligible for the wastewater and/or water discount program. The H2O grant program offers 3 services:
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Qualifying applicants get a one-time cash grant of $500 to pay off a portion of their monthly water bill.
Applicants can also get 80% discount for monthly service fee
Offer education and water saving devices
For wastewater there are 2 services available:
Every year grant amount up to $500 is given
A discount of 15% on the wastewater charges
However, if the grant money is not sufficient enough to pay the entire due bills the remaining amount is payable based on the income limits of the family members. To qualify for the H2O Help to Others Program applicants must have the stated monthly income that is variable according to states and area rules in which they reside. To avail grants, customers must contact before the due date. Contact Dollar Energy Fund for more information.
Nonprofit Organizations: assistance may also be available from the nonprofit organizations, charities, accredited institutes, and other government or local programs. Nonprofits like Salvation Army, American Red Cross, Net Wish offer financial assistance to pay off bills and dues, helping to retain water services and facilities.
Call your water service provider or the service department if you are falling behind on your water bills. Research well about varied alternatives, plans or installment options available and apply today for the grants for water bills.
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9 November 2016

Financial Help For Low Income Families To Pay Off Your Due Bills And Debts

Apply for grants today and get financial help to pay off all due bills and debts and stand back on feet.
Low income families often run the risk of monetary crisis leading to heavy debts. Grants are given to offer financial support and backing to meet the primary needs and pay off due bills. Emergency funds are also granted for immediate assistance. Look for grants from the federal government, state and local governments, charities, nonprofits and local agencies and get rid of all due bills and debts.
Families at poverty level struggle hard to get affordable shelters and pay off their rents. Evictions and homelessness have been on the rise for families at poverty level. Grants from the federal government are made available to such homeless families to prevent evictions and foreclosures and help them pay off long due bills and debts.
grants to pay home energy bills
Housing grants like HUD, USDA Rural Housing, Transitional Housing Assistance Program, Housing Choice Voucher Program have helped many homeless families find shelter. In 2016 few recent housing grants have been allocated- State Home Buying Assistance Programs, New Housing Trust Fund, and state grants.
Low income families often require assistance for their utility bills. Utility expenses can be expensive and nonpayment can cause disconnection of services. Grants are allocated by the government and utility companies for assistance for bill reduction, energy efficiency, weatherization, offsetting cooling and heating expenses and covering up the dues.

Utility grant programs like Weatherization Assistance Program, Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) Grant, LIHEAP Crisis Program, Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) offer monetary assistance. Even utility companies offer help through programs like Payment Restructuring, Free Energy Audit and Water Bill Programs.
Help Pay Home Repair Bills
Home repair grants are essential for better safety, security and easy accessibility. Remodeling or modifying the houses incur huge expenses that are unfeasible with shortage of funds. The government, nonprofits, local communities, counties and agencies award grants, emergency aid and funds to fulfill home repair needs. Now pay off your home repair bills with grants like Single-Family Rehabilitation Program, Urgent Repair Program, Displacement Prevention Partnership, Rebuilding Together,Your local Aging and Disability Resource Center, Weatherization Assistance Program, HUD, and CBDG.
Pay Off Medical Bills
Medical necessity cannot be overlooked but the expenses can be unreasonably high to afford. Families facing medical debts can avail grants to pay off their bills. Free checkups, monetary support through Medicaid, Medicare, CHIP, help from state and local governments, Health Resources and Services Administration medical programs, free clinics and assistance from nonprofits are available for disadvantaged families to pay off their medical bills and debts.
free medical grants for low income people
Daycare Expenses
Single or working parents remain out of home for long hours to earn for the family hence they require safe daycares but that can be very expensive. Daycare or childcare grants have been initiated to monetarily support families. Grants like Head Start and early Head Start, Child Care Subsidy program, Local Department of Health and Human Services have helped thousands of families find affordable childcare for their children.
Financially crunched families may find assistance from nonprofits, community agencies, churches, local communities and state governments to meet their emergency needs. Apply soon for your grant programs and clear off due bills and debts.

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7 November 2016

Free Debt Relief Grants For Low Income Individuals To Pay Off Bills

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20 October 2016

Pay Home Energy Utility Bills With Free Grants Money Online

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16 October 2016

Pay Bills And Debts With Free Debt Relief Grants For Single Mothers

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12 October 2016

Government Grants To Pay Off Debts-Free Debt Relief Grants

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30 September 2016

Free Low Income Housing Grants-Free Money For Home Buying

Many low-income families struggle to pay their housing bills, rents, mortgage amounts or loans that lead to evictions and homelessness. To assist such families housing grants are given by the federal government, states and charities that offer financially support. Emergency shelters, housing vouchers, subsidies, funds and co-pay assistance programs are available for the economically restricted families. Apply today to get your housing grants.
Federal Housing Grants
The federal government disburses housing grants administered by the housing agencies like HUD and USDA. They allocate funds to nonprofits, local governments, states and counties that are given to eligible families.
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA): low-income families residing in rural areas can avail housing grants from USDA to pay off their rent and mortgage. The rental vouchers, offered on the basis of income level, can even help in home repair work, removing health hazards and improving living conditions. The vouchers compensate the unpaid portion of the rent to the renter.

HUD: it offers housing grants and benefit programs to suit the rental needs of the deprived families, senior citizens and the disabled. These include Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program, Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG), Supportive Housing for the Elderly, HOME Investment Partnerships Program, Tenant Resource Network (TRN), Public Housing Family Self-Sufficiency etc. Housing vouchers are also given by HUD for rental subsidies.
Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Program: housing grants and vouchers are given to military people or veterans to help them with rental bills. The Military Homeowner Assistance program is another housing grant program that can assist with security deposits, mortgage payment, housing loans, rent assistance, foreclosure prevention etc. Grants like HUD-VASH and Adapted Housing Grants can also help. Veterans and their family members are entitled to these housing grants.
Free Low Income Housing Grants
New housing grant programs have been initiated by the government and HUD for improved housing assistance to deprived families.
Housing Grants from Nonprofits
Low-income families in need of housing grants can turn to nonprofits, charities, churches and community agencies for financial assistance. There are numerous nonprofit organizations that support low-income families in emergency situations to avoid evictions and homelessness. Emergency funding and provisions for affordable shelter are also available for the homeless.
Fannie Mae: these offer foreclosure low priced properties to deprived families. Homes with low-priced down payments or those with flexible mortgage terms are also available. Applicants can pay housing rents according to their affordability.
Salvation Army: the organization offers housing programs for house maintenance, emergency shelter, eviction prevention, rental payments and transitional housing.
Habitat for Humanity: the nonprofit organization provides decent affordable homes for monetarily challenged families. Orphans, single parents, elderly and those suffering from chronic illness can find shelter. Based on the income levels and affordability, applicants repay the amount.
Community Action Organizations: more than 1,100 community action agencies are present in all states that disburse housing resources to needy families for bill payments and other rental work.
There are also state homeless grants, municipal departments, counties and several nonprofits like YMCA, American Red Cross, Lutheran Services in America for help. Apply now for your housing grants.

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27 September 2016

Debt Relief Grants for Single Mothers-Money For Moms To Pay Off Debts

Managing home rent, college, work, kids and fulfilling all necessities of the family becomes a real challenge for low-income single mothers, causing heavy dues. Nonpayment of bills and huge debts can cause discontinuation of services or inability to access the basic needs of life.
Worry not! Debt relief grants are available for almost all needs that help to compensate bills and cope up with the expenses. Read and start applying to get your grants.
Housing Grants
A permanent and secure shelter is necessary for a family but the home purchasing can be really expensive with low-income earnings. Sometimes, even paying off the rent becomes unfeasible with the limited income, resulting in huge debts. The federal government, states, nonprofits and community agencies offer rental assistance and housing grants to help single mothers secure a permanent and affordable shelter. Get your dream home today with free housing debt relief grants like:

Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program
Public Housing Program
HOME Investment Partnership Program
USDA Rural Development
Transitional Housing Assistance Program
Nonprofits like Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, Mercy Housing etc
Free Money For Utility Bill Grants
Single mothers often need assistance with paying utility, electric, heating and water bills. Utility companies, the federal government, nonprofits and local communities offer financial aid to offset the heating and cooling costs and the escalating bills.
Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) funded by the Department of Health and Human Services of the United States (DHHS)
Weatherization Assistance Program
Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)
Regulations on Heating and Utility Disconnections
Heating Repair Replacement Program (HARRP)
Winter Protection Programs
Home Energy Audit by utility companies
Assistance with water bills by the American Water through programs like Low-Income Payment plan and H2O - Help to Others
Obama Debt Relief Grants
Day Care Grants
Single mothers need to remain out of home for long hours for office work or to pursue their education. So the need for reliable and safe child care centers is indispensable but that can be expensive and unaffordable. Single mothers can get assistance from federal day care grants and babysitting benefits that will financially assist in meeting the expenses. Apply for grants like:
Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG)
Head Start
Local Department of Health and Human Services
State Assistance  like, Child Care Assistance and Childcare tax benefits
Medical expenses can be a huge worry for families with limited earnings. Healthcare needs like checkups, hospital payments, medicines, tests, regular checkups for kids can be unreasonably expensive, causing heavy dues. Worry not, there are many healthcare benefit programs and medical grants available to help cope up with the expenses. Avail grants like:
Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
State Programs
Health Plan for uninsured children
Healthy Families Program
Grants for Emergency Needs
Single mothers in debts need financial security for emergency situations as they may suffer financial loss or have a low bank balance. Free money, federal grants and benefit programs can assist in overcoming the crisis and compensating the dues. Get grants like:
Emergency Cash Assistance
Self Employment Assistance
WIC (Women, Infants, and Children)
Disaster Unemployment Assistance
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
Unemployment Insurance Coverage
Besides these, there are other debt relief grants like Women, Infants and Children for Women, Infants and Children Special Supplemental Nutrition Program, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families for cash assistance, Food Stamp Program, Nutrition Assistance Program (NA), Unemployment Insurance and others. Start applying now.

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