20 January 2017

Medical Bill Debt Relief Grants For Senior Citizens Pay Medical Bills

Apply now for the senior citizen medical grants and get the best medical care even with low or no income or savings. Senior citizens have limited or no income and are mostly dependent on their savings to fulfill their basic needs. There are thousands of senior citizens living below poverty levels who struggle hard to get their medical and healthcare needs fulfilled.
Medical needs are indispensable but they can be really expensive. Well, there are medical grants for senior citizens that can financially assist them and provide the required health care needs.
It’s a federal health insurance program for 65 and above aged senior citizens. Those receiving the social security benefits are automatically enrolled in the Medicare grant program. It’s a co-pay program that pays for 50% of the medical costs and the applicant pays the rest amount. The drug coverage includes premiums, co-payments and yearly deductible costs. There are sections of the grant program.
Medical Bill Debt Relief Grants For Senior Citizens
Part A: this covers the medical bills for hospital care
Part B: it covers payments for senior citizens going for doctor visits and getting physical therapies
Part C: Medicare benefits are provided by private insurance companies for the uninsured senior citizens
Part D: seniors will get financial help to pay off their prescriptions. Visit the medicare.gov to avail the grant. Many pharmaceutical companies offer free or discounted medications to senior citizens. Apply to get accepted.
Prescription Savings Discount Card is also a part of the Medicare Part D program that offers discounts and considerable savings on prescription costs.

Senior citizens can receive medical coverage for health care costs. Medicaid covers premiums and co-payments just like Medicare. Programs that are covered by both will be first covered by Medicare and then the difference will be covered by Medicaid. This is a joint state and federal program.
Community Health Clinics
There are more than 1000 health clinics in America that provide free or reduced priced health care services. Low income and those with no medical insurance can get help from community clinics. Senior citizens can also receive medical benefits from public hospitals and not-for-profit hospitals that get funded from state, local and federal governments. Most urban hospitals are also non-profit and are linked with medical schools. These hospitals have special provisions for the uninsured and underinsured patients.
Nonprofit Organizations
Charities, nonprofits, accredited organizations and medical clinics also offer medical grants for senior citizens. Salvation Army, United Way, Net Wish, American Red Cross, Jewish Federation of America and Community Action Agencies provide medical benefits to the elderly citizens.
HealthCare.gov, State Human Service Agencies, Local Social Security Administration offices and State Medicaid offices are other options to look for. Eldercare Locator is also an essential site from the U.S. Administration on Aging that provides detailed information about services available for older people and connects them to local support resources like state and local agencies and community organizations.
Start applying now for the medical grants for senior citizens and get the best health care benefits available for you. 

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9 January 2017

Free Grants For Low Income Unemployed Individuals 2017

Unemployed people are usually financially crunched, especially those with low savings and a family to support. Meeting the daily expenses and paying for the basic needs of life also seems impossible with limited money. Well, there are benefit programs, donation programs, and grants for low-income unemployed people that help in offsetting the expenses and support distressed families.
Every household has certain specific monthly needs that cannot be overlooked even if they consume a major chunk of the expenses. Low income unemployed people have low savings hence paying off exorbitant monthly bills is a big challenge for them. Well, a through online research can offer discount offers, free products, subsidized goods and of course federal grants and benefit programs from state governments. A few benefit programs are listed for you:
grants for low income people
Internet Bills: Access by AT&T, Internet Essentials by Comcast, CenturyLink Internet Basics, Cox Internet, Mediacom Internet
Water Bills: The American Water Corporate, Low Income Payment Program and H2O Help to Others Program
Grants For Utility Bills: LIHEAP Crisis Program, LIHEAP Grant, The Weatherization Assistance Program and HEAP. Grants from utility companies
Telephone Bills: Linkup, Lifeline, and nonprofits like Secure the Call, HopeLine, U.S. Cellular, Phone 4 Charity
Medical Bills: Medicaid and Medicare, Early Head Start, Children’s Health Insurance Program, Pregnant Women Support Act, Star Kids, Connecting Kids to Coverage, Health and Human Services Oral Care etc

Food Grants
Healthy eating is important but unemployment can deny people from consuming nutritional foods like milk products, cereals, pulses etc. Deprived families at nutritional risk can easily avail food grants like Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), School Lunch and Breakfast Assistance Program, Commodity Supplemental Food Program, Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP), School Breakfast Program, Child Nutrition Programs, Special Milk Program and Food Distribution Program. Low income households can also get grocery vouchers, special coupons, discount cards, food vouchers and assistance from food banks and pantries. Nonprofits like Salvation Army, Feeding Army, and community agencies can also help.

Samples, Discounted Goods and Free Stuffs
Many companies, organizations, and online sites offer free goods, samples or discounted products. Low income people can get free baby formula, diapers, baby furniture, car seats, baby clothes, office clothes, toys, computers, mobile phones, uniforms, shoes etc. Sites like Ebay Classified, Freecycle and Craiglist provides with listings of donors ready to offer donated stuffs.
Grants from Nonprofits
Nonprofits accredited local agencies and community agencies also offer financial help to unemployed people in emergency situations. More than 1100 agencies in America are working tirelessly to provide the basic necessities to families below poverty line. Get help with your housing bills, utility bills, medical bills, maternity needs, baby stuffs like furniture, toys, diapers, baby food, clothes, uniforms for school and office and short-term bill payments.
Keep researching for more Grants for Low Income Unemployed People, the list is just endless. Get your grants to stand back in feet and get relieved from financial stress and cover your debts.

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26 December 2016

Medical Grants For Veterans-Free Money For Paying Medical Bills

The life of Veterans post retirement is not easy. During service period many Veterans suffer serious injuries, mental or health damages and/or became disabled. Due to failing health issues, medical attention is the need but financial crisis poses as a big hurdle in availing medical services.Many nonprofits, charities, the federal government and Veteran associations offer financial support. Let’s read the available medical grants for Veterans.
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Veterans who are entitled to get VA pension are also eligible to receive monthly Aid & Attendance and Housebound Assistance Pension. It helps pay expenses for care in the home, assisted living facility or nursing home. Per month a Veteran can get up to $1,788 while a Veteran with a spouse can get up to 2,120. Veterans with sick spouses are eligible to get maximum $1,406 and a surviving spouse can get maximum $1,149.
National Association of American Veterans
Severely injured Veterans, single parent servicemen, family members of Veterans and military caregivers can receive financial assistance and emergency funds that help in getting medical attention, free transportation to medical appointments, clearing the due debts and paying off the medical bills on time.

Operation Family Fund
Veterans who are severely disabled in the Operation Enduring and Iraqi Freedom are entitled to receive grants that financially assist in paying off rents, medical bills, vehicle repair, emergency transportation and other necessities.
grants to pay medical bills
Project MEND
Since 2007 Project MEND has been offering durable medical equipment and assistive technologies to disabled Veterans and their families for an improved and independent life. The Project was started in honor of Ester Geffre who had developed fatal illness and required assistance with medical equipment. Since its inception, more than 1300 medical equipment have been provided to eligible servicemen. In 2016 it received the prestigious Newman’s Own Award for its commendable services.

Reel American Heroes Foundation
It’s a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that offers recreational therapy to the soldiers, airmen, sailors, combat and disabled veterans and the marines. The foundation works with military bases and military hospitals to provide the services in over 25 states.
Salvation Army Liberty Program
Iran and Afghanistan War Veterans can obtain funds from the Liberty Program for their mental health services, unmet needs, psychotherapy, drug/alcohol recovery and other healthcare needs. The funds help to meet the medical needs and also pay for bills. Contact your local Salvation Army office for medical assistance and financial help.
Army Emergency Relief
The nonprofit offers grant money for emergency situations to US Army soldiers that are never to be repaid. It has granted millions of dollars for medical expenses, college education, scholarships, rent, food, utilities and bill payments. Service members and their families can also get loans that are interest-free.
American Red Cross
Veterans who have served the US Armed Forces receive monetary help to meet their daily requirements like food, shelter, housing and medical needs. The nonprofit offers emergency funds that can help Veterans to meet their healthcare needs and also get relieved from debts and due bills.
There are countless other nonprofits, organizations and charities like USA Cares Program, Army Emergency Relief, Operation Homefront, Wounded Warriors Family Support, Military Warriors Support Foundation, Veterans of Foreign Wars Unmet Need Grant and others. Contact the organizations today and get medical grants for Veterans.

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22 December 2016

Credit Card Debt Relief Grants-Free Money For Bills

Get financial help and debt management plans for your credit card bills and pay off your due bills with lower interest rates.
Are you stuck with your credit card debts? Well, this can be a real intimidating situation with creditors dunning you persistently and the ever increasing interest rates. Don’t feel overwhelmed, there are few options that you may consider.
Agencies recognized organizations, banks, debt management companies, nonprofits and credit card companies also offer assistance programs and funding that can help you with your debts.  Let’s have a look at them.
Debt Settlement Programs: here the companies usually negotiate with the creditors for a settlement to clear the debts. You will need to put aside a certain amount in savings every month for debt clearance. The amount needs to be transferred to an account for building up savings enough to pay off the negotiated debt settlement amount.

Debt Management Plans: credit card companies, credit counseling agencies, banks and even nonprofits offer DMP. Professional creditors on behalf of the consumers help in reducing the debts, lower the interest rates and also waiving off fees. It helps in reducing the monthly debt payments, avoid any over limit fees or late fees, combine all your debts into a single payment and save you from harassment of the money collectors.
grants for-credit-card bills
Debt Consolidation Loan: you can get a single personal loan from a lender and pay off all other separate debts. You will then have only one monthly fixed payment to make which can be paid in installments. The time period to pay off the amount usually varies from two years to five years. The interest rate may vary depending on your credit amount.
Credit Counseling Services: it helps to develop a personalized plan according to your income and savings to pay off the debt. You can get low cost or free credit counseling services from nonprofit organizations, credit unions, religious organizations and extension offices. An accredited credit counselor will help lower your payments and simply the process through budgeting and money management assistance.
Forbearance Programs: consumers struggling to pay their credit card bills can avail the forbearance program-an agreement between a lender and a borrower. It temporarily reduces or stops monthly mortgage payments for a short period that may range from weeks, months to years as decided upon. During this time period, the interest rates will be low and will provide the opportunity to arrange for the money. Different banks have different forbearance programs; do your research before applying.
Debt Restructuring: companies and creditors help to restructure the debts and plan the payments as per the comfort of the consumers. An agreement is done where the payment is structured, the interest rates are lowered, certain charges are waived, certain settlements done, and specialized plans and assistance offered. This reduces the hassles and worries of paying the credit card debts.
Start visiting your government-approved credit counseling agencies and talk to them about your hardships. Try to negotiate with them and come to a settlement. Also, beware of scams or false guarantees to settle all your credit card debts. Start applying for debt settlement programs.

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19 December 2016

Grants For Pregnant Women-Find Maternity Grants For Medical Bills

grants for pregnant women

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